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Marc Andreyko

The Illegitimates #1

Review: The Illegitimates #1

Steele, Jack Steele. A super spy to rival the famous James Bond. Jack Steele was a man's man, ladies' man, man about town. He had a long history of ...
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Dynamite Entertainment Announces Dark Shadows/Vampirella!

Still reeling from seeing Dark Shadows in theaters? Are you anxiously awaiting the announcement of a sequel? While I can't make any promises on ...
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True Blood

IDW and HBO Announce First Ongoing True Blood Comic

Today IDW made a big announcement concerning an ongoing True Blood comic— Since the first issue of the original mini-series launched in July of ...
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Preview: Captain America & Bucky #620

As Marvel launches a new Captain America title to coincide with the upcoming movie, the existing series will be re-titled Captain America & ...
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