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5 Most Romantic Couples for Valentine’s Day

It's Valentine's Day! Stop by Comic Booked to indulge in some obvious (or maybe not so obvious) romance themed goodness (or badness!).
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Smallville digital chapter 19 cover

Review: Smallville Season 11 – Chapter 19

Digital chapter 19 is part seven of Detective, the second episode of Smallville Season 11!  It’s going to take a few spoilers to do it, but ...
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smallville season 11 chapter 17 digital cover by Cat Staggs is beautiful and amazing as usual.

Review: Smallville Season 11 #17

Smallville Season 11 #17 is out, and it’s time to get back into the Smallville universe!  Changes abound!  Just when I felt like the book had ...
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Smallville Season Eleven Detective  Cover

Review: Smallville Season 11 #14

Smallville Season 11 #14 is part two of Detective, and while Batman is a much hyped guest star, the episode so far is still Superman-centric.  ...
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Smallville Season Eleven Chapter Thirteen Detective Part One - Cover

Review: Smallville – Detective Part 1

Smallville Season Eleven Chapter Thirteen Detective Part One – Whew, this book sure has a lot of titles!  It also has a lot of entertainment ...
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Smallville season 11 digital Guardian cover

Review: Smallville – Guardian Concludes!

With the next episode of Smallville upon us, it’s finally time for a quick review of how the previous episode, Guardian, concluded!  If you’re ...
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Smallville season 11 chapter 10 cover Guardian

Smallville Review and SDCC Updates

SDCC kept us all pretty busy well past that weekend, but I’ll always eventually find time for my Smallville review!  The event also gave us some ...
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In the Grip of Anguish!

Review: Superman #10

At the risk of sounding blasphemous, Dan Jurgens' turn on DC Comics "New 52" Superman series is better than Grant Morrison's current run on Action ...
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Smallville Guardian Chapter 9 cover

Review: Smallville – Guardian Chapter 9

Chapter 9 of Guardian has entered the digital marketplace! Go read it now and then come right back here for this spoiler filled review!  After ...
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The cover of Smallville Season 11 Guardian Chapter 8

Review: Smallville – Guardian Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of Guardian has hit the digital stands, and now so has my review!  Here are my thoughts on the latest issue of Smallville - be wary of ...
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