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The Engine Madefire Guy Adams Jimmy Broxton

Review: Madefire’s The Engine – Episode 5

The Engine #5, scripted by Guy Adams and drawn by Jimmy Broxton, hits an upswing in its pace with this latest, thrilling episode from Madefire. The first four episodes of The Engine have been building towards episode five with a [...]

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Madefire's Mono Ben Wolstenholme Liam Sharp

Review: Mono Episode #4

Artist Ben Wolstenholme and writer/artist Liam Sharp polish another gem of an episode with Madefire‘s latest installment of Mono #4, pushing the pace. Faithfully adapted from Anthony Brock’s classic Mono pulp stories, Wolstenholme and Sharp have taken this fantastic character [...]

July 10, 2013 DO NOT USE
Madefire Sherlock Holmes

Old Meets New as Madefire Expands Motion Book Line

Madefire, creator of motion books, introduces a new take on classic stories by pulling some of the best and most innovative talent in the comic industry. Liam Sharp, Madefire COO and industry talent, has teamed up with art legend Bill [...]

May 30, 2013 DO NOT USE
Madefire and devianART

Madefire and deviantART to Launch Motion Books Venture

Madefire and deviantART announced a strategic partnership that will make Madefire’s motion book tool and platform available to deviantART’s audience. For comic fans unaware of Madefire, they offer a digital comic reading experience available for download as an app on [...]

April 2, 2013 DO NOT USE, News
Treatment Mexico City Liam Sharp Ben Abernathy Neil Googe

Review: Madefire’s Treatment Mexico City Episode 4

Madefire’s Treatment Mexico City, written by Liam Sharp and Ben Abernathy with art by Neil Googe, steps away from the action for some social commentary. Beginning with the previous episode, co-writers Sharp and Abernathy look at what happens when a [...]

March 22, 2013 DO NOT USE
Mono Ben Wolstenholme and Liam Sharp

Review: Madefire’s Mono Episode 3

Madefire’s Mono, scripted by Liam Sharp and drawn by Ben Wolstenholme, brings the old pulp character of the half man, half ape Mono to life. Sharp and Wolstenholme offer the added premise of Mono being known through fictitious stories, but [...]

February 20, 2013 DO NOT USE
Captain Stone Liam Sharp Christina McCormack

Review: Madefire’s Captain Stone is Missing… Episode 5

Madefire’s Captain Stone is Missing…, written by Liam Sharp and Christina McCormack with Sharp on art, offers a fresh take on the superhero trope. For starters, Sharp and McCormack introduce Captain Stone through a series of articles and clippings showing [...]

February 19, 2013 DO NOT USE
Madefire The Engine Guy Adams Jimmy Broxton

Review: Madefire’s The Engine Episode 3

Madefire’s The Engine, written by Guy Adams and drawn by Jimmy Broxton, tells the story of a Soviet era gulag’s shady prisoners during a mine collapse. Conceived by Liam Sharp and his wife Christina McCormack, the set-up involves the last-of-its-kind [...]

February 18, 2013 DO NOT USE

Madefire Brings Comic Evolution to New York Comic Con

Writer Robert Lee contributed to this story for Comic Booked. True to their name, Madefire started burning at the San Diego Comic Con only to sweep across the country to last weekend’s New York Comic Con. Bringing the proverbial fire [...]

October 16, 2012 DO NOT USE

Comic Revolt with David Gillette: Artist Spotlight II

In last week’s installment of Comic Revolt, I looked at ten influential and amazing artists that have changed the face of comics with their exceptional style and ability to tell a story. This week we look at ten more using [...]

October 11, 2012 DO NOT USE, Features
NYCC Comic Booked News

Madefire Debuts New Episodes for iPhone at NY Comic Con

Madefire debuts new episodes for Mono by Ben Wolstenholme and Captain Stone is Missing… by Liam Sharp for their iPhone app at New York Comic Con today. The Oakland company founded by Liam Sharp, Ben Wolstenholme, and Eugene Walden specializes [...]

October 11, 2012 DO NOT USE, News

Madefire to Launch Comic App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Madefire, creators of comics for the iPad featuring their exclusive motion tool, have announced that they will now make their content available for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. They will be officially launching the new app at the New [...]

September 27, 2012 DO NOT USE

Comic Revolt with David Gillette: Going Digital

This week’s Comic Revolt looks at the digital market for comic books and how it’s shaping comic publishing by grading out each major company or upstart. This is based on three subjective categories rated 1 through 10: Category 1: How [...]

September 14, 2012 DO NOT USE, Features

Ben Abernathy Leaves DC to Join Madefire

Ben Abernathy, the digital editor for DC Comics, left the company last week to join Madefire – creator of digital comics using their proprietary motion tool app. Liam Sharp, CCO of Madefire, acknowledged Abernathy joining the team by saying, “About [...]

August 28, 2012 DO NOT USE
Madefire Logo

Comic Revolt with David Gillette: The Madefire Comic App

Today, I begin a weekly series of features examining outside of the box thinking in the comic book industry. New technology and greater interest in creator-owned comics has changed the industry landscape in ways that are allowing greater numbers of [...]

August 2, 2012 DO NOT USE

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