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Marvel Comic Conjecture: Kraven the Hunter

Kraven. We all remember him. Lion vest with a mane and truly villainous, if dashing, facial hair. The last the comic world heard of him, it was during the Grim Hunt event. During some resurrecting and familial homicide, we really [...]

May 21, 2014 Features
Essential Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1

Required Reading: Essential Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1

Too often, the artistry of older superhero comics is underestimated.  They were, after all, “kids stuff,” good for their time but quaint by today’s more sophisticated standards.  That’s the image the industry presents to the mainstream, echoed by traditional critics [...]

July 3, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
ends of the earth

C2E2: Amazing Spider-Man Panel News

C2E2 is currently going on in Chicago, and there’s been a lot of exciting news.  Here’s the latest information to come out of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man Panel! Dan Slott on Amazing Spider-Man, Ends of The Earth, and The Lizard: “Spider-Man [...]

April 14, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
Who Will Be The Next Man Without Fear?

Who Will Be The Next Man Without Fear?

Well Marvel keeps  trying to mess with our head, or just wants to get all of us mad. I mean we have “Shadowland” going  on right now, which is a cool story, but  COME ON! DAREDEVIL A BAD GUY!!?  Well [...]

August 11, 2010 ZDONOTUSE

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