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IDW Makes KISS Kid-Friendly

IDW has been wonderful at handling franchised materials such as Transformers and G.I. Joe, but they've also done what others have tried and not ...
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Mars Attacks KISS

Review: Mars Attacks KISS

The Martian attack on IDW continues as they make their way to Earth in the KISS continuity! But even worse than that is the fact they arrive at a ...
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Music & Comics: How They Influence Each Other

Some exciting recent announcements by Dark Horse Comics at the NYCC involved musicians creating comics. This really got me thinking about how music ...
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Comic Revolt with David Gillette: Artist Spotlight II

In last week's installment of Comic Revolt, I looked at ten influential and amazing artists that have changed the face of comics with their ...
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KISS return courtesy of IDW Publishing, Chris Ryall and Jamal Igle

Review: KISS #1 from IDW Publishing

Throughout the years, iconic rock band KISS have made a number of appearances in comic books. Originally brought to life by Marvel Comics, the look ...
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IDW Turns 13!

Congratulations to IDW Publishing on thirteen years of publishing some of the best books on comics shelves today! Thirteen Years and Stronger ...
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Bullet Reviews #39: Archie, Fables, FF and Turtles!

Each week we do Bullet Reviews of books from the previous week or two. Why? Because we all have those weeks where only a few books come out and ...
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