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Exploring the Preliminary March Comic Sales Numbers

The preliminary March comic sales numbers are out, and while DC and Marvel still dominate, for the first time in the Diamond Distribution exclusive ...
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Comic Reviews: Kick-Ass 2, BPRD, and Hellblazer!

This last week was another HUGE week for comic releases: the last issue of Kick-Ass 2, the second BPRD “Hell on Earth: The Long Death,” John ...
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We Are Young is an appropriate anthem for many different comic book series'

Music To Read By: We Are Young by fun.

Music means something different to everyone. A song may be meaningless to one, but for someone else, that same song may become irreversibly tied to ...
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Kick-Ass 2 #6 cover

The End is Nigh: Kick-Ass 2 #6 of 7 – Review

People seem to either love or resent Mark Millar's comics.  I tend to fall into the first group, and judging from the massive lines snaking ...
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Comic Booked Best of 2011

Best of 2011: Most Shocking Moment

As 2011 comes to a close, it’s safe to say that it has been a banner year for the comics industry and fans alike. Here at Comic Booked, we have ...
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Mark Millar’s CLiNT #8 Showcases Kick-Ass 2

People of Britain have a lot to be thankful for, possibly not what you may be thinking, but rather that sitting on Greenwich Mean Time does have ...
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Mark Millar Gets Comic Booked!

“Multi-award winner writer Mark Millar has revamped the X-Men, launched a number one Spiderman title, brought Captain America into the 21st ...
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This Week In Comics And More 10/20/10

A series that I truly love and can't wait  to see  on film! Well the comics will have to do for now I guess. Seriously you need to read these ...
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The Glory of Millar

Mark Millar has been busy lately.  Recently we heard of his Nemesis announcement, that it is his next comic to movie adaptation and that the ...
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