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Review: Detective Comics Annual #2

I feel like John Layman’s run on Detective Comics has been both underrated and overrated in a sense. It is underrated in that it doesn’t receive the same kind of attention that Batman and Batman and Robin do (if that’s [...]

August 3, 2013 DO NOT USE
Detective Comics 20 Picture 1

Review: Detective Comics 20

Detective Comics 20 John Layman, Jason Fabok, Andy Clarke Spoiler alert! You have been warned!   The conclusion to the Emperor Penguin story, which has been building for the entirety of John Layman’s run, came to a conclusion this issue. [...]

May 2, 2013 DO NOT USE
John Layman

Donuts, Bars, & Twitter Jokes: The Mighty John Layman Speaks

Comic book writer John Layman’s ongoing Twitter joke one-upsmanship with buddy and writer Tom Peyer could be the funniest thing going in comics. This does depend on how strange your sense of humor is. It’s that absurd, surreal approach to [...]

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amazing arizona comic con

Sunday Special: Pre-Con Event Amazing AZ Comic Con

January 11th held the Pre-Con Event at the Downtown Phoenix Tilted Kilt for the Amazing Arizona Comic Con coming soon on January 25th-27th. Amazing Arizona Comic Con is usually held further south in the city of Tucson. For the first [...]

January 13, 2013 Features, News

The Best of Image Comics for 2012

To say 2012 was a big year for comics would be quite the understatement. This year we’ve  seen the horrifying return of the Joker to the pages of Batman, the Avengers clash with the X-Men, the return of Valiant comics, and lets [...]

December 29, 2012 DO NOT USE, Features

Giant-Size Bullet Reviews #81!

A special note to our regular Bullet Reviews readers and followers: You may have noticed Bullet Reviews was missing from your regular Tuesday reading list last week. This was because, among other things, I was out-of-town for a few days [...]

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Detective Comics #13 cover

Review: Detective Comics #13

DC’s New 52 reboot has reaffirmed the power that visual storytelling has in comic books.  Sadly, they didn’t do this by putting artists with distinctive styles or remarkable craftsmanship on their titles.  For the most part, the line has relied [...]

October 4, 2012 DO NOT USE
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DC Comics And Beyond – Detective Comics #13

The “Zero” books from DC’s “New 52″ are now over, so we’re back to the “regular” issues. Being a big Batman fan, I was more than a little curious how the new creative team on Detective Comics would do, so that’s [...]

October 3, 2012 DO NOT USE
DC Comics Logo 2012

DC Comics’ Ever-Revolving Door of Writers, Artists

Continuing their somewhat disconcerting trend of switching the writers and artists of their monthly titles at the drop of a hat, DC Comics has just announced not one, but TWO dramatic changes to the creative staff of Detective Comics and [...]

July 7, 2012 DO NOT USE
Mars Attacks The Holidays

Mars Attacks! And Sells Out!

Congratulations to IDW Publishing as they make a special announcement about Mars Attacks! #1 and give first word on a Mars Attacks! special. Also, check out my review of the now sold out box set as well as a look at all [...]

June 26, 2012 DO NOT USE

Review: Mars Attacks! #1 (Including ALL 58 Covers!)

The long wait is over and the invasion has officially begun! Hold on to your hats, folks, because Mars Attacks! Yes, Mars Attacks! #1, written by John Layman with art by John McCrea hit stands this week and I, for [...]

June 22, 2012 DO NOT USE
Chew #26 cover

Review: Chew #26

What makes Chew such a consistently enjoyable read are the little details that enforce its satire.  Each issue, Rob Guillory will insert tiny details in signs, posters, photographs, and graffiti that suggest the hyper-surveillance state of Chew‘s America fits comfortably [...]

May 24, 2012 DO NOT USE
Mars Attacks... Broadway

Mars Attacks Broadway?

Comics on Broadway are not unheard of;  Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is currently running to full houses, with amazing (and near fatal) aerial stunts over the audiences head.  StarKid Productions, the folks who brought you a Very Potter Musical  [...]

March 30, 2012 DO NOT USE
Mars Attacks, IDW Publishing

Mars Attacks This June!

The first round of the Attack was the announcement. We learned who the enemy was: Martians. The second round we learned who was giving the orders of the Attack and began to get the tone of the upcoming war. Earlier [...]

March 20, 2012 DO NOT USE
Apple device, iphone, ipad, ipod

The Walking Dead Goes Live On iBooks

Though the debate of print versus digital continues to rage, Image Comics seems to be showing their opinion as they announced today that The Walking Dead, the comic book that inspired the hit AMC television series, will be making a [...]

February 8, 2012 DO NOT USE

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