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Comics Confidential- Artist Talent Search

When you’re a writer for a comic you depend on a great artist to realize your words on the page. I’ve been lucky to work with some great artists over the years that have elevated everything I’ve done. I get [...]

February 17, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
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Comics Portal: Hope to See You Soon, Stan Lee!

I just absolutely hate it when news like this comes across our site! It’s so tough when someone I consider to be bigger than life faces what appears to be a bad time! Recently, Scorpio Moon reported here on ComicBooked.Com [...]

September 24, 2012 Features

Indie Insight: Eric Schock Interview

Welcome to Indie Insight, an article series where I track down rising self-publishing creators or people on the cusp of breaking through the wall, and harass them with a bunch of the geeky questions we all have on our minds. [...]

July 20, 2011 Interviews

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