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Nova #3 Cover

First Look: Nova #3

I am slightly confused... If this new Nova first appeared in Avengers vs. X-Men how is he just now being trained in present time?  It is the ...
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Nova #2 Cover

First Look: Nova #2

As Marvel continues to pump out new concepts and titles for the Marvel Now! revamp Nova #1 was released to quite a positive reaction.  As Jeph ...
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Review: Nova #1

After reading Nova #1 it’s easy to see why Jeph Loeb has a lot of diehard fans and a lot of bloodthirsty critics. His writing has an undeniable ...
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Nova #2 Cover

First Look: Nova #2 and Nova #3

One of the most entertaining parts of this job is getting to see what Marvel compliments themselves on. Don't get it twisted - I'm a die hard ...
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Nova #1

First Look: Nova #1

Ever since Marvel Now! Point One hit shelves everyone has wondered how this new Nova came to be... And where has he been all this time? Make no ...
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Bullet Reviews #82

One of the worst things we face on a Wednesday is a small week. Only getting 2 comic books? Well, maybe it's a good week to try something new! Here ...
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Happy birthday Amazing Spider-Man cake from

Celebrate Spider-Man’s Birthday at NYCC!

Are you going to be at New York Comic Con this weekend? If you are, I hope your plans are flexible because Marvel comics is planning on going all ...
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Marvel Now! is…NOW!

Tease after tease after tease.  Why do we let Marvel do this to us?   Do we enjoy this sick twisted game Marvel is constantly playing with us?   ...
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It's that time again. You knew it was coming! It's that moment where Marvel tries to squeeze a few extra dollars out of you in anticipation of ...
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Featured Spidey

CBH Report: Fans Want “Ultimate Spider-Man” Canned

Although the Disney XD "hit show" has been green lit for a season two, fans are urging that Marvel/Disney/Jeph Loeb and everyone associated give ...
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