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2013 End of Year Comic Awards

Comic Booked’s Best of 2013

With this being my first year at Comic Booked, I was very proud to participate and work with everybody on putting this year end list together. ...
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Batman-Superman 1 Picture 1

Review: Batman/Superman 1

Batman/Superman 1 Greg Pak, Jae Lee, Ben Oliver Spoiler alert! You have been warned!   The fact that Jae Lee is drawing my favorite ...
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Greg Pak and Jae Lee to Craft New 52 ‘Batman/Superman’ Team-Up Series

Its been quite sometime since good ol' Bats and Supes last graced the pages in a 'Batman/Superman' team-up, but now it looks like that is about to ...
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“Nothing Ever Ends:” The Watchmen Prequels

The superheroes of Watchmen, one of the best-regarded comics of all time, have held an unusual distinction for over 25 years: despite their ...
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The Shadow Comes to Dynamite!

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!" Dynamite Entertainment announced today they would be bringing pop culture ...
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Best of 2010

Best Of 2010: Best Artist

Here at Comic Booked, we take our comics very seriously! 2010 has been an awesome year to be a comic book fan, but there has been so much going on ...
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