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J. Scott Campbell

My Little Pony #9 (SDCC Exclusive Cover)

IDW Launches Special SDCC Editor for My Little Pony

Although it's not a book that is in my list of interested reads, I do appreciate what IDW does for many major franchises. They have done a fantas...
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marvel logo

J. Scott Campbell Cover for Amazing Spider-Man #688

Fans can look forward to Amazing Spider-Man #688 with a variant cover by J. Scott Campbell. The issue will go on sale this June and it will ...
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danger girl

Review: Danger Girl #1

If you love Charlie’s Angels, you’ll love this! Creators J. Scott Campbell (cover artist for Marvel's Spider-Man) and Andy Hartnell bring you ...
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Al Rio

“Good Girl” Artist Al Rio Passes Away

Brazil-based artist Al Rio, born  Alvaro Araújo Lourenço do Rio, passed away on January 31, 2012. Reports are saying he took his own life by ...
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ROCKETEER ADVENTURES Vol. 2 #1 Coming in March From IDW

IDW returns to The Rocketeer Adventures and they're not alone. A virtual who's who in comics will contribute to the new series. The second ...
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Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Marvel’s Variant Covers For Fantastic Four #601 & FF #13

Marvel is really pushing the upcoming Fantastic Four storyline, and with good reason. For close to a year, fans have been dealt the story of the ...
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Written by Zeb Wells with art by Joe Madureira

Ramos, Campbell Cover Avenging Spider-Man

Back in June, Marvel announced a new on-going series for Spider-Man. The new series, Avenging Spider-Man, is based on his tenure with the Avengers ...
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Art by J. Scott Campbell and Nei Ruffino

Giant-Sized Elephantmen Offer More

In November, a giant-sized helping of Elephantmen, Richard Starkings' increasingly popular ongoing science fiction series, will be available from ...
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Witchblade Begins A New Chapter

Sara Pezzini has been through a lot in the past six years. She's had a child, maintained her police career while juggling her duties as Witchbla...
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