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Star Wars Josh Trank

Star Wars Adds A New Director For Spin Off Film

Star Wars continues to make news with a new director for an upcoming film and a bit of humor from the director of Episode VII, J.J. Abrams. [...]

June 4, 2014 Movies and TV
Star Wars: Episode VII

Star Wars: Episode VII Announces Two New Cast Members

Typical of most Star Wars: Episode VII news, the announcement of two new cast members comes with very little information to dig into. That being said, the folks at were kind enough to announce the two latest additions to [...]

June 2, 2014 Movies and TV

Bad Robot TV Cancellations

It hasn’t been a good season for J.J. Abrams and his production company, Bad Robot. While Person of Interest got renewed fairly early on… the other Bad Robot series haven’t been so lucky. Almost Human was the first to get the ax but [...]

May 9, 2014 Movies and TV
Star Wars

Star Wars Episode 7 Cast Announced

Always looking for some news on Star Wars Episode 7, Comic Booked has some great stuff for you today. Breaking news for fans as the official Star Wars website revealed a candid photo of the cast doing a read through [...]

April 29, 2014 Movies and TV

Star Trek Reboot Game Trailer

Namco Bandai Games and Paramount Pictures have released a new trailer at Gamescon 2012 for the upcoming Star Trek game. Fans of the franchise and video-gaming have reason to be cautiously optimistic! Since the birth of​ Star Trek: the Original [...]

August 15, 2012 Games and Gaming

Hasbro’s Kre-O is Boldly Going to SDCC

“I’m definitely going to be buying some Kre-O sets,” said no one ever… until this week! At first glance I assumed Hasbro‘s building block toys were just knock-off Legos. Considering their only previous franchise sets were Transformers and Battleship can [...]

July 7, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Review – Star Trek Ongoing #1

When I first heard that the rebooted Star Trek universe was getting its own monthly series, I was excited beyond belief – even more so once I realized that this new Enterprise crew would be revisiting classic episodes and events [...]

September 22, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

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