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Zach Howard

Zach Howard gets Comic Booked!!!

It is easily said that one of the top sought after artist is Zach Howard, constantly working on something new and putting out amazing artwork which screams out and should be seen all over, Howard is going to be real [...]

September 13, 2010 Features
About Comic Booked

Andy Schmidt Gets Comic Booked!

Everyone has one in them, it’s that story that tugs at the heart and isn’t just a story for the purpose of telling one. We all have stories that are important to us and we need to get out, whether [...]

September 7, 2010 Features


  JEFF McCOMSEY talented artist and writer is the perfect example of a self starting creator owned machine. If you haven’t heard the name Jeff McCOMSEY don’t worry cause soon it will be everywhere. When it comes to interesting, new, [...]

August 20, 2010 Features
Brian Clevinger Gets Comic Booked!!!!

Brian Clevinger Gets Comic Booked!!!!

Creator owned work allows you to have freedoms that mainstream companies will not allow. Completely going above and beyond the call of creator owned comics are the creators of Atomic Robo Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, who with their comic [...]

July 18, 2010 Features
Izzy Gets Comic Booked!

Izzy Gets Comic Booked!

In short I’m extremely open minded but I know what I like. Active Gamer, serial movie watcher and big time lover of comics. Originally from Long Island, NY but currently living in Brooklyn NY I grew up on 90’s hardcore [...]

July 15, 2010 Cosplay

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