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Who Will You Choose for the X-Men vs Avengers Minimates Set

Diamond Select Toys and Toys R Us are once again letting the fans decide which characters will be included in another of their Marvel Minimates ...
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Bullet Reviews #17: BOOM! and Marvel Comics

28 DAYS LATER #24 (Boom! Studios) This is the only friend....well the end of 28 Days Later. Surely running to 28 issues would have been ...
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Heroes And Villains: More Than A Comic Book Store

There are 2 comic book stores here in town that I visit frequently, one of them is Heroes and Villains. The staff is very friendly, the owner ...
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Carnage #1 varient cover

Review: Carnage #1

A five part limited series starring Carnage begins this month. Last we saw the murderous symbiote,  he was flown into space and torn in half ...
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This Week In Comics And More 10/20/10

A series that I truly love and can't wait  to see  on film! Well the comics will have to do for now I guess. Seriously you need to read these ...
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This is the trailer for the Iron Man anime series. Check it out! Well here is a link for the first episode! I must tell you it is pretty ...
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This Week In Comics And More 9/1/10

Another Week in the Comic Book World Fellas!  I am excited about the new issue of Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher! I know a lot of people ...
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This Week In Comics 8/18/2010

Secret Avengers #4 is going to be somewhat interesting. With Nova being all Cuckoo or possessed , its no surprise Super Steve will helm the NOva ...
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“Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds” Comicbooked Hands-on Preview

Maybe it's the celebrated line-up of characters. Maybe it's the dazzling special attacks and super moves. Or maybe it's satisfaction one gets when ...
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This Week In Comics 7/21/2010

I really enjoyed the first issue of Batman Beyond, and I cant wait to get my hands on this second issue. There are only 6 issues coming out, ...
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