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The Way-Booked Machine: Invincible #109-114

In the first edition of “The Way-Booked Machine” we are not going too far back in time, just a few months, for one of the craziest arcs in Invincible. We could do so many articles about all the intertwining stories [...]

June 5, 2015 Features
Invincible Universe #1 Cover

Invincible Universe #1

Phil Hester has been challenged with a very tedious and daring obstacle.  Create an ongoing Image Comics Universe book.  It would appear it will be mostly Invincible but room for other characters and titles to pop in and out.  Image [...]

April 12, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Rob Lee Mad

Friday Humor: New York Comic Con in One Word

  Story by Rob Lee for Comic Booked. Requited answers to a Desperate writer feeling the Tension of a possible Reckoning if he doesn’t get a Good interview New York Comic Con and ComicBooked.com recently presented the opportunity to interview [...]

October 19, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
Matt Byrne - CEO 2

Curicon’s Matt Byrne Gets Comic Booked!

What if there was a place where collectors of just about anything could get together and connect with one another on a deeper more personal level? Like a social network designed entirely with collectors in mind. A place where people [...]

August 23, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

The Future of Marvel NOW! is Worthy and Indestructible

To accompany Marvel’s ​Invincible​ teaser from earlier this week we now have two new titles teaser titles: Worthy and ​Indestructible. This upcoming November’s launch of the Marvel NOW! “reboot” promises new(ish) titles from all of Marvel’s major creators. ​Worthy​, which [...]

August 2, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

The Future of Marvel NOW! Is Invincible

It’s a busy day for Marvel, dropping all kinds of news and hints of things to come. Most recently is the Marvel NOW! teaser title for Invincible. Marvel has already announced the cancellation of Invincible Iron Man among other titles, so [...]

July 31, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
First Look: Invincible Iron Man #518

First Look: Invincible Iron Man #518

Wait a second, are you telling me there is going to be a new Iron Man? Who would have thought that once the incredibly successful The Avengers hit theaters Tony Stark would pass the mantle? So the big question now [...]

May 10, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Image Comics and Robert Kirman Announce Guarding the Globe!

Fans of Robert Kirkman’s Invincible rejoice! This fall, Kirkman’s Skybound imprint of Image Comics will launch Guarding the Globe. Guarding the Globe will follow the Kirkman-created team Guardians of the Globe and focus on the struggles of keeping the planet [...]

April 25, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
Graphicly and Image Comics are bringing comics to all Android OS devices.

Graphicly and Image Announce Digital Publishing Partnership

Graphicly, a social networking and digital distribution platform for the visual entertainment industry, announced today a partnership with Image Comics, the third largest comic book publisher in the US and the number one creator owned content publisher, to digitally supply [...]

October 3, 2011 ZDONOTUSE
Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard's Super Dinosaur is being collected

Kirkman & Howard’s Super Dinosaur Series Gets Collected

Earlier this year, best selling author Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Invincible, The Infinite) and artist Jason Howard (Astounding Wolf-Man) created an energetic all ages hit comic starring a boy genius and a genetically modified Tyrannosaurus Rex that was met [...]

September 26, 2011 ZDONOTUSE
The logo for Fan Expo Canada, Canada's premier comics festival

Fan Expo Canada Welcomes Image Comics

This weekend, from Thursday the 25th to Sunday the 28th, Image Comics will be bringing many of their most popular titles such as The Walking Dead, Invincible, Chew, Morning Glories, and more to exhibit and sell in Toronto at FanExpo Canada. Image [...]

August 23, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

Image Comics Exclusives For San Diego Comic Con 2011

Ahhh…San Diego Comic Con. The time of year when people come out of the woodwork and hot-foot it over to the west coast and catch the very latest and greatest in comic book culture. Actually, despite the name, San Diego [...]

July 16, 2011 ZDONOTUSE
Valentines Day

Comic Booked’s Top Comic Book Romances

It’s Valentine’s Day, and here at Comic Booked, we’re a bunch of romantics! So I thought what better way to show our love of comics and romance than to talk about our favorite comic book couples? Some of them may [...]

February 14, 2011 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Invincible #77: Or, “Why I Love Kirkman and Ottley’s Invincible”

It’s the closing blows of the Viltrumite War, and after raging on for the best part of the year, Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and company turn in an issue that’s for the most part a meditative change of pace following [...]

February 2, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

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