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Stan Lee made an appearance at this weekend's Wizard World Philly

Wizard World Philly 2012: Stan Lee

Let's face it, Stan Lee is a living legend. I even went so far as to purchase my first VIP pass just for the chance to get a picture with him. As ...
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Basic CMYK

Valiant LIVE: X-O Manowar #1 Panel – One of a Kind Online Experience

All publishers have held panels at the big conventions, whether it's to announce important news or interact with their fans, using the Internet to ...
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Marvel Infinite Comics logo.

Marvel’s Infinite Comics Push Digitial Boundaries

A promo for Marvel's Infinite Comics format asks, "Are you ready? For the future of comics at your fingertips." A lot of time has spent talking ...
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Conventions vs Internet

I loved conventions (Ok I still do). There is something about seeing different booths displaying comics that I don't get to see every day. Many ...
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GetGlue is a new social media that rewards users for checking in

A Comic Booked Guide To GetGlue

Social media is all the rage these days. With the popularity of websites like Facebook and Twitter, where people can interact with complete ...
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By Katie Cook

Web Comics Wednesday – Creatures

Web Comics Wednesday is celebrating the premiere of last night's television series, The River. As such, we've collected five webcomics that focus ...
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By Nate Piekos

Web Comics Wednesday – Fantasy

There are no set rules to the FANTASY genre. Basically, if you can think it, it fits. Whether it's swords and sorcery, an enchanted guitar, or a ...
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By Nicholas Gurewitch

Web Comics Wednesday – Obscure Humor

Not all webcomics have to have a deep, philosophical story or years of characterization and continuity to be a success. In fact, many webcomics ...
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SOPA Dies, PIPA Stalls

It’s official, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is dead! Following a wave of online protests on Wednesday, including the unprecedented blackouts ...
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Credit to Paul Tassi, Forbes contributor

What’s Wrong With SOPA?

“Everything,” if you prefer the flippant answer. And sadly, that’s not as far from the truth as we might like to believe. If you’re ...
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