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Comic Underground Distributions The Most Important Indie Project To Date

Many of you know how I pride myself on being an indie supporter and the large majority of what I write about are indie comics but in the grand scheme of things those projects are just about those projects and [...]

January 10, 2016 Features

An Interview With Winston Jordan

Winston and I frequent some comic book groups on social media and I have had the privilege of watching some of his success as not only a writer but an incredibly talented artist as well.   Ian:  So Winston, you [...]

December 25, 2015 Interviews
Insane Comics Banner

Kelly Bender Has Gone INSANE

Kelly Bender is one of my favorite indie writers, his books are fun and well written, and he always finds a fantastic crew of artists whose art compliment the storylines.  Kelly is enthusiastic about writing and creating, collaborating with a [...]

December 21, 2015 Features
Blood and Gourd Cover

An Interview With Blood and Gourd’s Jenz Lund and D.H. Shultis

I met a couple of the B & G crew at Jet City Comic Con, in my home town of Tacoma Washington, and instantly decided I needed to talk with some of the Pacific Northwest’s finest comic creators.  Blood and [...]

December 16, 2015 Features
America's Kingdom Banner

America’s Kingdom Kickstarter

I love nothing more than to back projects that need our help but please believe that this project is something different.  Brian Hawkins is one of my favorite indie creators and America’s Kingdom is one of my most absolute favorite [...]

December 12, 2015 Features
Our Friend Satan Banner

Our Friend Satan Kickstarter

Anyone paying attention at this point understands my love for not just indie books but crowd funding as well.  I feel the plight of the common creator and often times I thoroughly enjoy their products; which happens to be the [...]

September 2, 2015 Features
Kursk banner

Kursk Kickstarter

Everyone that enjoys comics should have a special spot in their hearts for Kickstarter and other crowd funding sites, how could we not, the far reach of the internet and the generosity of true comic book fans gives the smaller [...]

August 30, 2015 Features

Interview with Artist and Writer Chris Williams

I have been a huge fan of Chris Williams since the first day I saw Summons online.  I happened across some stuff of his after reaching out to Bob Salley and I’m more than glad that Bob turned me on [...]

July 26, 2015 Features
American Kingdom 1

An Interview With Gnosis Comics Brian Hawkins

I first came across Gnosis Comics while perusing social media and vigorously liking things that I liked, I thought the art work displayed on the particular post I liked was awesome so I decided to give their page a look.  Needless [...]

July 10, 2015 Features

When You Bleed To Death Kickstarter

Many of our readers that have seen my Kickstarter features know that I feel Kickstarter’s are the pinnacle of the indie comic book community.  The fact that indie creators have a spot to crowd fund warms my heart.  I feel [...]

July 5, 2015 Features
dark forest

Kickstarter Korner: A Dark Forest

The only way to describe this new Kickstater A DARK FOREST is by telling you that it’s a little creepy , a little dark and no forest , yet…  After reading the short story I have mixed opinions . On one hand [...]

July 3, 2015 Features
Comixology 3

A Talk With Salvagers Writer Bob Salley

When I first started to write about comics, Salvagers was the first review I did.  I chose Salvagers because it was the first successful Kickstarter that I watched from beginning to end.  For me, Salvagers represents all that is good [...]

June 21, 2015 Features
Bullets and Angels cover 2

Bullets and Angels a Kickstarted Success

Created by Brian Lee Byrd Written by Brian Lee Byrd and Sarah Hollis Pencil and Ink by Saint Yak Color by Matt James Lettering by HdE One of my absolute favorite things to do is to help out indie comic [...]

June 12, 2015 Features
So What

Indie Spotlight- So What? Press- MOCCA Exclusive Preview

So What! Press is a new indie publisher showcasing their new titles in the upcoming NY indie comic con, MOCCA Fest. See what they have to offer in this exclusive preview. [...]

March 25, 2014 News
technomancer cover

Comics Confidential – Comicbook Jones signing

Welcome to the first new edition of Comics Confidential in 2014. I haven’t had too many installments last year because I have been totally busy. 2013 was one of the biggest years for me, with a lot of success and a [...]

January 2, 2014 Features

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