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Shocktoberfest #20: Mr. Hyde

Welcome back to Shocktoberfest!  Today we take a look at a true classic.  This horrible creature has not only gone on to become the go-to example of man’s duality but has also been terrifying audiences for over 200 years and [...]

October 20, 2014 Features

Marvel Comic Review: Hulk #1- spoiled

Hulk #1 Waid, Bagley, Hennessy, Keith SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! Let me just say, from about the second page on, this is not the kind of Hulk you would expect it to be. For one, the [...]

April 21, 2014 DO NOT USE, Features

Bullet Reviews #71

It’s Tuesday. Around here we know it’s Bullet Reviews Day as we take a look as some of the industry’s recent releases and see if maybe something might be worth trying this week. New books are always a good idea! [...]

August 21, 2012 DO NOT USE
Marvel Now - Teaser

Marvel Cancels Nine Flagship Titles

With the announcement of a number of new titles coming to Marvel with its Marvel NOW “re-launch” (which is more a creative team shuffle than a reboot in the vein of DC’s New 52), we also see a number of [...]

July 10, 2012 DO NOT USE
The avengers are number one, now see their origins

Read Avengers #1 For Free!

Marvel Comics is letting you read Avengers #1 for free, don’t pass up on this great chance to delve into the source material that inspired the movie! The book was first published back in 1963, with a cover price of [...]

May 6, 2012 DO NOT USE
Incredible Hulk 7.1 Preview Cover

First Look: Incredible Hulk #7.1

I could not love this cover page more. What an amazing way to depict the anxiety and frustration, let alone the fear that the Hulk brings to Banner. Not to mention the same exact feelings that Banner brings to Hulk. [...]

April 20, 2012 DO NOT USE

Review: B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Long Death #3

In the final chapter of the three-issue arc of B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Long Death from Dark Horse Comics, there’s so much more going on than just a tooth-and-claw knockdown, drag-out fight between the jaguar god and the Wendigo. [...]

April 20, 2012 DO NOT USE

Bullet Reviews #40: Action, Amazing, Avenging!

Each week we at Comic Booked like to share some quick reviews of recently released comics because, well, sometimes we all have small weeks and only getting one or two comics a week is not only odd but it’s downright [...]

December 13, 2011 DO NOT USE
Written by Jason Aaron with art by Marc Silvestri

Shattered Heroes Begins Now!

A couple weeks back, Comic Booked brought you a first look at the upcoming Shattered Heroes event that deals with the aftermath of Fear Itself. Well, that time is now upon us. As Fear Itself came to a close, fans [...]

October 27, 2011 DO NOT USE
Can the Hulk take down Bruce Banner? Find out in SMASH!

It’s Bruce Banner Vs. The Hulk In SMASH!

Hot on the heels of DESTROY!, Marvel gives us a look at the next storyline with a hard-hitting title. SMASH!, beginning in Incredible Hulk #1, features the talents of Marvel Architect Jason Aaron (Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, X-Men: Schism) and [...]

August 26, 2011 DO NOT USE

Preview: Incredible Hulks #635

Greg Pak’s Epic Hulk Saga Concludes in INCREDIBLE HULKS #635!   Marvel is pleased to present your first look at the last chapter in Greg Pak’s legendary  Incredible Hulk run in Incredible Hulks #635, the milestone issue that no fan can miss! Joined by [...]

August 4, 2011 DO NOT USE
Incredible Hulk 181a

Heritage Auctions Sells Incredible Hulk #181

Once a week, Heritage Auctions has um… well…  an auction that relates to comic books as well as other collectible items, but let us stay on the subject of comic books. Every week I get a reminder that an auction [...]

July 19, 2011 DO NOT USE, Features
I Am a Casualty of The Latest Hulk War

I Am a Casualty of The Latest Hulk War

When the Red Hulk (RULK) was introduced in the 2008 re-launch of the Hulk series I was pretty pumped about the character. I expected some hits and misses plot-wise, but finding out just who this bad-ass Red Hulk was kept [...]

June 14, 2010 DO NOT USE

Mistakes and Continuity errors in “The Hulk”, “The Incredible Hulk” & “Iron Man”

Every movie fan knows that continuity is a BIG BIG player in ANY movie, but that doesn’t stop from errors to happen! Who doesn’t remember Charlton Heston holding the 10 commandments with a rolex watch on his wrist? Or Spartacus [...]

April 28, 2010 DO NOT USE

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