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Manhatten projects #3

Comic Review: The Manhattan Projects #3

Jonathan Kirkman and Nick Pitarra's The Manhattan Projects, from Image Comics, will make you wished you paid attention to your high school history ...
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Review: Danger Club #2

Image Comics' Danger Club started with a bang in an extremely enjoyable first issue that showed us a world where all the adult superheroes have ...
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ComiXology Offering half off on Moriarty from Image Comics

Sherlock fans can celebrate this weekend with half off comics. To celebrate the premiere of the second season of ,BBC's Sherlock, comiXology is ...
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Brian K Vaughan’s Saga #3 Reviewed!

Anyone who has read an independent comic in the past ten years is probably familiar with the name Brian K. Vaughan. From his Eisner Award winning ...
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Bullet Reviews Extra: Free Comic Book Day 2012

Well, Free Comic Book day is now a week behind us and we've all had a chance to fully enjoy the books and other stuff we got during the event. I ...
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by Steven T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen

The Red Diary/The Re[a]d Diary Is 2 Books In 1

Sometimes it can take a lot to catch my attention and put a creator on my radar. But when they do get there, I always seem to remember them. Take ...
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Image Comics Logo

Image Comics Celebrates Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is coming, Free Comic Book Day is coming!!!  Yes, that is right ladies and gentlemen; this Saturday May 5, 2012 is Free Comic ...
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Image Comics to Release Creator Owned Heroes Anthology in June

Image Comics will be releasing a series of creator-owned comics in June that promotes the idea of creators having complete ownership of their ...
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Review: Supreme #64

This second issue of the relaunched Supreme comic is the first to continue from where Alan Moore left off.  The previous issue was the last  of ...
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epic kill published by image comics from Raffaele Ienco

Review: Epic Kill #1

Image Comics has launched a new mini series called Epic Kill, but does the title live up to its name?  Read our review and find out!  Issue one ...
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