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Alpha Girl’s Movie Covers

Readers of Alpha Girl may notice something familiar in the covers, maybe something they've seen before. Jeff Roenning and Jean-Paul Bonjour - the ...
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Bullet Reviews #59: Marvel, Vertigo, Image and More!

Each week we look at a few recently released comics, sharing what we like and don't in hopes of introducing you to new books! This week: The ...
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Review: Prophet #25

Prophet is one of my favorite comics currently being published, and my favorite of the series that debuted under the Extreme Studios relaunch. ...
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America's Got powers 2

Review: America’s Got Powers #2

Image Comics' release of America's Got Powers #2, written by Johnathan Ross (Turf, Former BBC Host) and drawn by artist Bryan Hitch (Stormwatch, ...
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Lil Depressed Boy 11

Review: The Li’l Depressed Boy #11

Image Comics' Li'l Depressed Boy, written by S. Steven Struble and drawn by Sina Grace, feels like a long-running diary that is meant to be ...
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Chew #26 cover

Review: Chew #26

What makes Chew such a consistently enjoyable read are the little details that enforce its satire.  Each issue, Rob Guillory will insert tiny ...
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Cover art for The Activity, Vol. 1 (Trade Paperback)

Navy SEALs Co-Write The Activity #7

The seventh issue of Nathan Edmondson's special-ops comic series The Activity will be the first issue featuring Edmondson's new co-writers: the ...
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Humans are an Endangered Species in Enormous

Image Comics and Shadowline are rolling out Enormous, a graphic novella by Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour in July. Taking the Jurassic Park approach ...
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Witchblade Uncovers Hidden Artifacts!

Image Comics and Top Cow offer the ultimate game for extreme fans of Witchblade - find hidden messages in artist John Tyler Christopher's cover ...
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Manhatten projects #3

Comic Review: The Manhattan Projects #3

Jonathan Kirkman and Nick Pitarra's The Manhattan Projects, from Image Comics, will make you wished you paid attention to your high school history ...
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