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Spy vs Spy

Independent Comic Spotlight: Book Book 2.0

Welcome back to another “Book Book” edition of Independent Comic Spotlight.  So more books have come my way in recent months.  And by books, yes, I mean book books.  Here is my run-down of some great novels and other books, [...]

November 23, 2015 Features
Cut & Print

Cut & Print: Back to the Future (1985)

Cut & Print: Back to the Future (1985) Author’s note: It really has been thirty years since Back to the Future has been released. To quote Avery Brooks, “where’s my flying cars?” This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of a [...]

October 1, 2015 Movies and TV
Figure Fantasy

Independent Comic Spotlight: Book Book Edition

So every now and then, indy creators send me neat stuff.  And it just so happens that my stack is so high with actual books right now, that I couldn’t resist throwing together an actual book book edition of Independent [...]

July 2, 2015 Features
Friday Night Fun

Friday Night Fun

This is how we feel most nights…What do you do for Friday night fun?     Thanks for stopping by. You should read some of our great Features. There’s a ton of great content here, check it out! [...]

November 30, 2014 Features

All Things Writerly: How to Aggravate an English Teacher

Class is in session. A peaceful creature by nature, the English teacher cannot easily be turned to the dark side.  But when finally pushed to his or her breaking point…  Hoo boy.  Hide your kids, hide your wife.  Here are [...]

May 19, 2014 Features
Lex Luthor angry pic

CBH Report: Lex Luthor Not Happy With Election Results

Yesterday the world found out that President Obama was going to stay in office for another four years.  Today the world found out who was a sore loser and who wasn’t.  One sore loser sticks out the most, as he [...]

November 8, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

CBH Report: Kirkman Talks Women of Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman, best known for the hit comic book series and AMC television show The Walking Dead, has been praised for his absolutely brilliant portrayal of women.  “I just get them”, the legendary writer said.  Producers for The Walking Dead, which holds the [...]

August 26, 2012 Features

Movies That Would Fail As Comics

I recently got an email asking me if I was ever going to review “Brokeback Mountain“.  I’m not gonna lie, that has to be at the very bottom of my list, as I have not seen that movie yet.  I [...]

February 20, 2012 Features

Sarcastic Justice #7

  Meanwhile, Superman makes Batman a mixed CD… I am more interested in figuring out what Batman put on Superman’s mixed CD. [...]

February 1, 2012 Features

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