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Review: The Rinse #1

There are several staple genres within the comic book medium, ranging from your classic superhero tales to old school horror by way of a little ...
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“Survivor Zero” – A New Approach to a Beloved Genre

Let's face it - we all love killing zombies. Personally, I've been a fan of the genre since the original Resident Evil haunted my dreams in 1996. ...
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Preview: Undying Love #3

There is nothing like a little bit of comic book genre fusion and Image Comics' Undying Love presents equal measures of horror and action in an ...
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Hellraiser Comic Books

FREE Hellraiser Prelude Download from BOOM!

Boom! has an amazing offer for fans: the chance to download a FREE prelude to the new Hellraiser series. This is not an extract but an entire, ...
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30 Days Of Night Returns

Are all of you vampire fans sick of Twilight ruining your favorite bloodsucking monstrosities? Well fear no more, because IDW has finally announced ...
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Comic Book Divas Deliver Sexy Comics

For those of you that enjoy beautiful, sexy and talented actresses but can't always find time for movies AND comics, look no further.  Comic Book ...
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