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“They have always been here.” – The Strain; Sneak Review

“They have always been here.” The opening page offers hauntingly. “VAMPIRES.” They have always been here, haven’t they? For us special fans of darkness and night. We grew up with them stalking in the back of our minds. Vampires from [...]

December 6, 2011 Reviews
Art by Enrique Lopez Lorenzana and Fran Gamboa

Image Comics Raises Hell (On Earth)

Horror titles are big. With the rampant success of series like The Walking Dead and IDW‘s Locke & Key, many publishers are looking for the right title that will leave readers’ imaginations reeling, craning their necks at every little sound they [...]

November 30, 2011 Reviews

Hold On To Your Seats – Monocyte Brings The Terror To You!

Monocyte is a new 4 issue mini series from IDW Publishing and so much more. I’m not even sure where to start except to tell you to pick up this book with an open mind. Words cannot describe how much [...]

November 21, 2011 Reviews
Logo Ghostbusters

The Minions of Gozer are Taking Over IFC!

So I reacently learned about a new type of event that has been going on with movies for a few years now, one that seems very odd yet intriguing. Apparently for cult classic movies such as Rocky Horror Picture Show, [...]

November 17, 2011 Reviews

The Vessel Of Terror- Edge Of Your Seat Indie Horror

The cover alone to The Vessel of Horror invokes images of Lovecraftian horror. The new graphic novel from Markosia delves into those Lovecraft mythos headfirst but luckily doesn’t over do it. The story itself is based on the true story [...]

November 14, 2011 Reviews
Comikaze Expo logo

My Awkward Adventure at Comikaze Expo, Day Two

(Quick, read my write-up of Day One before going any further!) When the first day of Comikaze Expo kicked off, I was just a guy in the entourage of important people, covering their hijinks for a website. By the end [...]

November 10, 2011 Reviews
Comikaze Expo Logo

My Awkward Adventure at Comikaze Expo, Day One

Comikaze Expo’s first year kicked off this past weekend, an event that I’ve been looking forward to since summertime! Los Angeles hasn’t had a decent comic book convention in several years. Yes, there have been conventions in Anaheim and Long [...]

November 8, 2011 Reviews

IDW, Wrightson, and Niles Forge Frankenstein Alive, Alive!

IDW Publishing announces an all-new horror series with acclaimed creators Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson. FRANKENSTEIN ALIVE, ALIVE will launch in 2012, picking up right where Mary Shelley’s classic tale ends. This all-new series extends the horror classic. “This is [...]

November 7, 2011 Reviews

The Horror! The Horror!

Even though Halloween is behind us now, there are still plenty of great comics in the horror genre that you can enjoy year-round.  I had previously promised to suggest some great horror titles, past and present.  This task actually proved [...]

November 3, 2011 Reviews
iluv cover

Keith Giffen’s Sick, Twisted, Hilarious- I Luv Halloween

The magnificent Keith Giffen (Lobo, Trencher, OMAC)  and artist Benjamin Roman (The Cryptics, Zombie Tales, Cthulhu Tales) bring us a fresh unique take on the imminent Zombie Apocalypse in their Horror/Comedy manga, I Luv Halloween. Originally published by Tokyopop in three volumes [...]

October 31, 2011 Reviews

Comic Booked Costume Contest-Are You A Winner?

Hey Comic Booked peeps. Since it’s that time of year, we’re having a Halloween costume contest. Dress up in your best costume and send photos to [email protected] The winners will be announced on November 1st, so get your submissions in [...]

October 28, 2011 Reviews
Comics Code Authority feature

The Terrifying History of Horror Comics Censorship

My favorite holiday, Halloween, is just around the corner.  This is the time of year that I like to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, go on a horror film binge, scare the diaper-gravy out the neighborhood children (I’m joking), and [...]

October 27, 2011 Features, Reviews
Comikaze ad

Comikaze Expo Releases Convention Floor Plan

Comikaze Expo is coming! That’s right, Los Angeles is about to get hit with its first major comic convention in years, and it’s shaping up to be a great time! I know I’ve been anticipating this one since I first [...]

October 27, 2011 Reviews
Avatar Press Logo

Avatar Press Announces a “Feral” New Werewolf Series

Just as we approach the obligatory Halloween horror-fest, Avatar Press has announced a new comic titled Ferals, to put some monsterrific fright into the fall season.  Ferals is going to be a werewolf story written by Eisner Award winning horror [...]

October 24, 2011 Reviews
niles pic

Steve Niles Is Horror

If you say that you love horror, then the name Steve Niles is no stranger to you. He has managed to become a part of our collective unconscious; filed under “MONSTERS”. But this horror master almost wasn’t, because of a [...]

October 19, 2011 Reviews