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East of West #15

Review: East of West #15

How does one lay down a foundation for something so structurally big, so epic in nature, that it has the proper support structure while still being able to build and build and build? Plan it in advance. Root concepts down [...]

September 10, 2014 DO NOT USE, Features
secret 6

Review: Secret #6 – Kodiak

Spoiler free review of Secret #6 from Image Comics. Here's a chance to learn a little bit more about this series before it comes to an end. [...]

March 10, 2014 DO NOT USE

Review: East of West #5

This month has been, oddly enough, a Hickman-centric month. With Manhattan Projects, Infinity, and East of West, plus the Avengers books, Hickman’s monthly output seems pretty staggering. Plus, we’re finally supposed to be getting Secret #3 on the 28th, after [...]

August 19, 2013 DO NOT USE

Review: The Manhattan Projects #13

What does someone do when science takes an unexpected turn and suddenly everything goes wrong? Do they just sit there and wallow in self-pity? No, a true scientist would take what didn’t work from those mistakes, and continue to strive [...]

August 8, 2013 DO NOT USE

Avengers vs. X-Men #6 on Sale Today!

Today marks the halfway point for Marvel’s current summer event, Avengers Vs. X-Men. Issue six is on sale, and while I’m excited to read it, the premise might sound a little familiar to anyone who read last year’s Fear Itself. [...]

June 20, 2012 DO NOT USE

First Look: Avengers vs. X-Men #6 (Major Spoilers)

Thanks to USA Today this is all pretty old news but if you avoided spoilers and have actually read Avengers vs. X-Men #5 you already know what to expect.  So after a crazy twist of events The Phoenix Force found [...]

June 8, 2012 DO NOT USE

Review: Avengers vs. X-Men #4

In the blistering cold Arctic we see a polar bear walking in the snow.  As the bear gets closer to a can sitting in the middle of nowhere we see Wolverine is hiding underneath the bloody bear which he evidently killed to [...]

May 20, 2012 DO NOT USE

Review: Future Foundation #8

This issue opens on two awesome double page spreads of the Inhumans invading the High Evolutionary’s Forever City.  Steve Epting’s art here is staggeringly good.  Black Bolt, and his floating kingdom of Attillan, storm the Forever City in a burst [...]

August 25, 2011 DO NOT USE

Marvel Teases Fans with “Four”

We here at Comic Booked already wished our favorite Fantastic Team a Happy 50th, (Which you can check out here), so what better present for Marvel to offer us on such a special day then a very *hush hush* new [...]

August 9, 2011 Features

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