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Memorable Spider-Man Team-Ups

To celebrate Spider-Man’s 50th Anniversary, AND the fact that he now has a sidekick he is teamed up with to train, I’ve polled the thoughts of several individuals (many of whom are also part of Team Comic Booked) to collect [...]

August 24, 2012 Reviews
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Mark I Hitting Arizona in the Near Future?

I recently came across a young man by the name of Yuhki Kaneta (23), a local resident of Tucson, Arizona, who decided to take on a large project of the comic book world. His favorite piece of armor that rests in Tony Stark”s armory is [...]

July 13, 2010 Reviews
Why I Love And Hate The X-Men

Why I Love And Hate The X-Men

It’s X-Men Day today so I hope you’re all having a good one. I have been reading the X-Men for a long time and I have developed a love/hate relationship with the series. Some may disagree, but I don’t mind [...]

July 8, 2010 Reviews
Avengers Assemble!!!! PCC a total hit!

Avengers Assemble!!!! PCC a total hit!

So this past weekend was one of the longest I have ever had! It was a blast though! Phoenix Cactus Comicon passed over this past weekend leaving people only wanting more. I have heard nothing but good news and comments [...]

June 4, 2010 Reviews
It’s Almost Here Arizona!!!!

It’s Almost Here Arizona!!!!

That’s right the one, the only, Phoenix Comicon is coming back to Arizona May 27th-30th. Full admission tickets costing only $30 …. Now I know what you are thinking…why would I want to go to this? well here is [...]

May 18, 2010 Reviews
Iron Man: Ironette….Why Not?

Iron Man: Ironette….Why Not?

So recently I went to the theaters to see Iron Man 2 for the third time. There of course were many things I noticed this time compared to the first…such as.. In the scene with Hammer (Sam Rockwell) and Vanko [...]

May 17, 2010 Reviews


Hello, its your friendly…..uh.. Agent Burgos (phew! that was close), just here chillin. Well actually, I would like to ask all of  you , our wonderful readers for a favor, dont worry is not money (even though i can use [...]

May 13, 2010 Reviews
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Hellcat Invades!!

Well I’ll greet you all with a hearty hello and a handshake. My name is Talyah Rodriquez or Hellcat whichever you would like to call me. I am the ‘Official’ Hellcat for the Arizona Avengers. I was introduced into the [...]

May 5, 2010 Reviews