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Words: Dan Slott

Pictures: Humberto Ramos

Big Time continues! Last issue, writer Dan Slott gave us a look at Peter Parker’s new life. He has a girlfriend and a new job with major cash flow, he has a nice new place…things seem to be going in his direction for the first time in a long time. So what happens next?

In a word? Hobgoblin. This issue features the return of the all-new Hobgoblin. The original Hobgoblin returns with a vengeance and makes good with Kingpin to do his bidding. after the agreement is made, Hobby goes to his secret one-stop shop for some new Goblin gear and after checking out some new weapons, including a flaming sword, he ends up face to face with Phil Urich, nephew of the Daily Bugle’s Ben Urich and former ‘good’ Green Goblin.

Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin, threatens to kill Urich to keep his secret weapons stash safe only to discover Urich has some tricks of his own. Namely a sonic scream or, as he calls it, the Goblin Laugh. It incapacitates Kingsley long enough for Urich to decapitate him with the flame sword and make himself the new Hobgoblin.

See? All new original, it works.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is trying to help Black Cat go straight. She’s trying to get in good with the Avengers and thinks by working with the wall crawler it might show that she is on the straight and narrow. Together they save Norah from a gang of Green Goblin loving biker thugs and continue on their merry way. Later, Parker returns to his new apartment and quickly learns that perhaps dating a police forensic scientist isn’t the best idea. Carlie Cooper, the new girlfriend sees Parker’s web-fluid components and doesn’t really buy his lie about him creating a new plant growth formula for his new job in the Horizon think tank. This should be interesting.

So, Peter goes to his first official day of work at the Horizon Think Tank where only the smartest of the smart work. His Aunt May is so excited for him she wakes him up and makes sure he’s on time. There is a small one panel moment where May has a flashback to Amazing Spider-Man #1 where Peter says he will quit school to get a job to support himself and May, May tells him not to that Uncle Ben always wanted him to be a scientist. Very nice and very touching.

While this is going on, JJJ is having a discussion with Steve Rogers who  thinks Spider-Man should be rewarded for helping to save NYC from Doc Ock in the last issue. JJJ naturally hates the idea and says there are already plans to give the key to the city to his son, John. John overhears and says he has no problem stepping aside for Spidey. Very nice.

We also get a little bit on Mac Gargan, former Scorpion and now, apparently former Venom. Seems he no longer had the symbiote and is dying. Mach-5 (The Beetle not the race car) tells of Gargan’s problem: without a special suit he will die. Guess that means we’re getting an all new Scorpion (Yeah, we’ve seen the cover)

So the issue ends with Hobgoblin attacking Horizon and Spider-Man showing (Peter works there now, remember?) and things quickly go pear shaped as Spider-Man learns the Goblin laugh is not a pleasant thing to experience. Aaaaand we end on a great cliff hanger of Hobgoblin preparing to decapitate Spider-Man.

Big Time, two issues in, has been a blast already. As much as I loved Brand New Day (Yeah, I was one of those who actually loved it) this is even better! The solid, fast paced writing of Slott and, lest we forget to mention, the fantastic art of Humberto Ramos make this one of Marvel’s best long running titles on the shelves today. If you have been waiting for a place to start reading this series then you need to run out and find the last issue and get your hadns on this one because I promise you, if you like super hero action and a new take on some all time greats, then this is the series you NEED to be reading!

This is why it’s my Pick Of The Week. Amazing Spider-Man is truely that: Amazing!

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