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Marvel Comic Review: Avengers Undercover #6 – spoiled

SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! So, last issue the majority of the crew decided to stick around with the Masters of Evil to ...
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Aspiring Hulk Paints Himself Green to Later Discover That it won’t Come Off

Wannabe Hulk Paints Himself Green to Later Discover That it Won’t Come Off

You all heard the saying before, “it’s not easy being green,” well, pool attendant Paulo Henrique dos Santos found out the hard way when he ...
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The Forgotten

The Forgotten: Magic The Gathering Dark Ascension Green Spell Edition

In most card games I've played, I've noticed that the majority of people usually follow the decklists of tournament winners for direction when ...
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Greetings from Green October!

Hi everyone! My name is Green October, and I am one of the newest Bookers on the ComicBooked team! Looking forward to writing interesting ...
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