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Green Lantern


Red Light, Green Light… Orange Light?

The upcoming Green Lantern movie marks the biggest media event the Green Lantern Corps has ever had. Hoping to ride that wave of popularity is ...
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Chef Larfleeze

Make Your Own Orange Lantern Cookies

DC Comics recently released The Larfleeze Christmas Special, which was jam packed with an amazing story starring everyone’s favorite Orange ...
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The Larfleeze Christmas Special

Review: The Larfleeze Christmas Special

Ah, the holidays. This time of year, the world is alive with all the sights and sounds of Christmas. Even if you don’t actually celebrate ...
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Orange Lantern

Larfleeze (From an Outsider’s Perspective)

The power of these rings mystifies me.  Being a fanboy solely for the House of Ideas, the DC universe is somewhat of a mystery to me. But I ...
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LanternCast Comic Booked

The LanternCast Gets Comic Booked!

Comic Booked fans, we bring you The LanternCast! A must listen to podcast for the Green Lantern lover in your life. The holidays are here, be sure ...
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Larfleeze and the Chocolate Factory

MINE? DO NOT WANT: 5 Rejected Orange Lanterns

"Mine!" is the battlecry of our Character of the Month Larfleeze, as he lays his beady eyes on something that he wants - invariably turning out to ...
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December’s Character Of The Month: Larfleeze

“What is Character of the Month? I want to be Character of the Month! MINE!" The Orange Lantern Larfleeze may be a relatively new character to ...
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Sexiest Hero Alive

Ryan Reynolds was recently crowned as People magazine’s 2010 Sexiest Man Alive. For the last ten years, five of the nine winners (Johny Depp won ...
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Higher Def Green Lantern teaser

Video from the Entertainment Tonight teaser for the upcoming Green Lantern movies is all over the web. Most were a bit grainy or even downright ...
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Tucson Comic-Con: An Interview With Mike Olivares

When you hear about a Comic Convention, what comes to your mind? San Diego Comic-Con, Dragon-Con etc. What about Tucson Arizona? It never ...
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