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Shadow Hero

Independent Comic Spotlight: The Shadow Hero

Welcome back to another thrilling installment of Independent Comic Spotlight.  This round, we’ve got an original graphic novel about a secret origin of a character who was sadly almost lost to history: The Green Turtle, the first Asian-American superhero.  I [...]

May 15, 2014 DO NOT USE, Features

Comics Confidential with Logan Faerber and Erik Craddock

This installment of Comics Confidential features Logan Faerber and Erik Craddock of The Cartoon Guidebook to Absolute Failure. [...]

February 9, 2014 Features
technomancer cover

Comics Confidential – Comicbook Jones signing

Welcome to the first new edition of Comics Confidential in 2014. I haven’t had too many installments last year because I have been totally busy. 2013 was one of the biggest years for me, with a lot of success and a [...]

January 2, 2014 Features
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Stir the Pot Saturday: Week 37

Welcome back, everyone! Just a quick reminder of what our goal for each and every Saturday is: Stirring the pot is the act of causing trouble for the sake of your own amusement. So we here at Comic Booked would [...]

September 14, 2013 DO NOT USE
Week 33 Picture 1

Stir the Pot Saturday: Week 33

Welcome back, everyone! Just a quick reminder of what our goal for each and every Saturday is: Stirring the pot is the act of causing trouble for the sake of your own amusement. So we here at Comic Booked would [...]

August 17, 2013 DO NOT USE
Once Upon a Time Graphic Novel Cover

Cover Revealed for “Once Upon a Time” Graphic Novel

It wasn’t all that long ago that Marvel announced it would be making a Graphic Novel to the hit ABC Series Once Upon a Time under the Marvel Logo.  As Marvel prepares to unleash the fairy tale characters from Storybrook [...]

April 12, 2013 DO NOT USE
Avengers:Endless Wartime Cover

Marvel Announces New Graphic Novel by Warren Ellis

When you think of great Iron Man Stories that have happened in the last 10 years the first one that will pop in your head is Extremis from the creative mind of Warren Ellis.  Who better to write an all [...]

March 27, 2013 DO NOT USE
tales of discord cover

Moranic Reviews- Tales of Discord

Tales of DISCORD is a prequel to a critically acclaimed indie comic DISCORD by writer Paul J. Salamoff. It’s being published by Markosia Publishing. For those you folks who don’t know who Discord is, here’s a bit of back-story on who he [...]

February 17, 2013 DO NOT USE

Kickstarter Highlight: Emaneska

Kickstarter has definitely become a go-to place for indie comic creators looking to get their work out there without having to go through the process of a big-name publisher. And Ben Galley is no different as he embarks on his [...]

February 11, 2013 DO NOT USE

The Chronic Argonauts OGN

You may have heard the name The Chronic Argonauts before, but it’s unlikely. The story was originally written by H.G. Wells in 1888, some seven years before another time travel inspired story, The Time Machine. It’s been more than 120 [...]

January 18, 2013 DO NOT USE
cover Issue #1

Moranic Reviews – Black Powder, Red Earth

At the New York Comic Con 2012, I met fellow comic writer Jon Chang. He gave me a copy of all three issues of his graphic novel series Black Powder, Red Earth. Looking at the stark black covers with the faded images was something that [...]

December 15, 2012 DO NOT USE, Features

Exclusive First Look: Arcana’s FLEE

Check out this exclusive preview of my new graphic novel FLEE.    Currently available on comixology and available for Pre-order at your local comic shop and book store across the country and beyond.     FLEE Diamond code : NOV120857 ISBN [...]

November 23, 2012 DO NOT USE
Urban Myth graphic novel Kickstarter

Kickstarter Spotlight – Urban Myth

Lately it seems Kickstarter has been rising the totem of popularity amongst indie comic creators and fans alike. I don’t know about you, but there are two things I love seeing from this thriving industry: creators finding fresh outlets to [...]

October 27, 2012 DO NOT USE

British Showcase|Rough Cut Comics

Welcome to British Showcase, your portal to the best up and coming British talent working in comics and hidden gems, just waiting to be discovered. In this week’s edition we talk to publisher Ed Murphy, one of the founding members [...]

October 21, 2012 DO NOT USE

British Showcase|Interview|Graeme Howard

Hello and welcome to “British Showcase.” I am always keeping my ears to the ground for news about British artists that are making a splash. One name that came up a few times was comic book artist and illustrator, Graeme [...]

October 17, 2012 DO NOT USE

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