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Baturday: 5/28/16 in Batman

Happy Baturday, Batman fans!  This is going to be my last column for a while (maybe a month, maybe two) while I’m in New York City pitching my novel.  But what a great way to end the school year (as [...]

May 28, 2016 Features

Gotham 2:22: Transference Review

Gotham 2:22; Transference Review The conundrum of reviewing Gotham is that, with the show having now embraced its more cartoonish nature, is there a point to to writing reviews of it. Either the viewers get it and are with it, [...]

May 25, 2016 Movies and TV

Baturday: 5/21/16 in Batman

Happy Baturday, Batman readers and viewers!  The season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, the penultimate season episodes of Arrow and Gotham, and a whole slew of comic books were enjoyed by all this week.  Then there’s that Harley Quinn solo [...]

May 21, 2016 Features

Gotham 2:21: A Legion of Horribles Review

Gotham 2:21: A Legion of Horribles Imagine if you could take the cheese of of the old Batman television series from and film it with modern day techniques and sensibilities. It would probably look like “A Legion of Horribles,” the [...]

May 18, 2016 Movies and TV

Baturday: 5/14/16 in Batman

Happy Baturday, everyone!  It was another great week to be a fan of Batman and his rogues gallery.  From TV to comics, there weren’t any disappointments.  And even a few great things.  Gotham’s back on track to greatness.  And the [...]

May 14, 2016 Features

Gotham 2:20 – Unleashed

Gotham 2:20 – Unleashed As Gotham gets closer to the end of the season, the show seems less concerned with keeping secrets and tightening the screws and more concerned with taking every subplot and stirring them together, and the mixture [...]

May 12, 2016 Movies and TV

Baturday: 5/7/16 in Batman

Baturday is here, Batman fans!  What a great week in comics (and TV, of course) for all of your favorite Dark Knight-related needs.  Here are my reviews of this week’s releases: Batman Beyond #12 – My Rating: 4/5 Batman/Superman #32 [...]

May 7, 2016 Features

Gotham 2:19 – Azrael

Gotham 2:19 – Azrael Perhaps the most interesting scene in “Azrael,” the latest episode of Gotham, comes not long after the new caped super-villain tries to kill Gordon. Eventually more cops show up, along with Bruce Wayne and Harvey Bullock, [...]

May 4, 2016 Movies and TV

Gotham 2:18 – Pinewood

Gotham 2:18 – Pinewood To articulate why “Pinewood,” Gotham’s latest outing, works so well, it might come down to something simple: payoff. At last, quite a few plot strings that the producer’s had left dangling just out of view are [...]

April 23, 2016 Movies and TV

Baturday: 4/23/16 in Batman

Happy Baturday, everyone!  In the world of Batman, it’s always a good time to be a fan, what with the movies, news, TV shows, video games, merchandise, and comics always surprising us… in a good way!  Before we get started, [...]

April 23, 2016 Features

Baturday: 4/16/16 in Batman

It’s the best day of the week: Baturday!  And to make matters even better, it was yet another big Batman week!  Comics, TV shows, movies, and news.  What were your top picks?  (Other than the Suicide Squad trailer, of course.)  [...]

April 16, 2016 Features

Gotham 2:17 – Into the Woods

Gotham 2:17 – Into the Woods Holy plot-line convergence, Batman! When looked at strictly from an analytical point of view, there’s nothing all that special about “Into the Woods,” the latest episode of Gotham. Yet, if you follow the show, [...]

April 14, 2016 Movies and TV

Gotham: 2-15 and 2-16 Reviews! Mad Grey Dawn and Prisoners

Gotham: 2-14 and 2-15 Reviews! Mad Grey Dawn and Prisoners Yes, these Gotham reviews are late. I hope I can make it up to you. Fat chance, huh? Ok, well, whatever. Just making sure you were paying attention. I’m reviewing [...]

April 6, 2016 Movies and TV

Baturday: 4/2/16 Batman happenings

Happy Baturday!  It was a small week for Batman-related comics, but a good-sized one for Batman-related TV shows.  And then there’s that movie.  Which you should all see 78 times.  Here are my reviews of this week’s Batman releases? Justice [...]

April 2, 2016 Features

Baturday: 3/26/16 Batman happenings

Happy super-duper extra-sized fantastically-awesome Baturday!  Batman V Superman.  Comics galore.  TV, trailers, news, toys, books, and all sorts of Batty goodness.  Here are my thoughts on this excellent week in the life and times of the Dark Knight: Batman #50 [...]

March 26, 2016 Features

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