Thursday 26th May 2016,
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43rd floor. Double-pane glass, same technique. Filming a Steve Martin movie on 50.

Blended exposures (-2/+1/+2) / -1.0EV / ISO 200 / 14mm (21mm=)

All Things Writerly: Jeff’s Novel in New York City

Hello, all. As you may or may not know, I am returning to New York City this June for many reasons, chief among them being an agent search.  I have an editor now (which is pretty neat) and he’s going [...]

May 16, 2016 Features

GoFundme Anime Series

Hi everyone, it’s Jordan Troche again the owner of Fallen Manga Studios. I wanted to let all you cool kids know that we are going to Animate our Death Sin Manga into a series! Huge news right!? We think it [...]

July 9, 2015 Features

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