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Marvel Comic Review: Ghost Rider #2 – spoiled

Ghost Rider #2 Smith, Moore, Staples SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING. The twin burning tire tracks that lead out of ...
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Marvel Comic Review: Ghost Rider #1 – Spoiled

Ghost Rider #1 Smith, Moore, Staples SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! For fans of the spirit of vengeance, it has been ...
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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Ghost Rider #1

In this Marvel Preview, some light is shed on the newest, youngest spirit of vengeance in the upcoming title Ghost Rider #1, coming this March.
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Thunderbolts #21 – Spoiler Free Review

We review Thunderbolts #21, this issue is the second featuring Ghost Rider in Marvel NOW. Check it out via Comic Booked!
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Superman rights

Warner Bros Wins Wrestle for Superman

It has been a big year for Superman. The Man of Steel movie, several new comics including Superman Unchained and Batman/Superman, and Superman got ...
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It Came From The Longbox #9: Revenge Of The Sinister Six

Deep within my collection there are books long forgotten, either by chance or by choice.  It Came From The Longbox is where some of these books ...
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Arnold As a Genie

Five Commercials That Were Better Than “Ghost Rider”

It is no secret that I absolutely despised the Ghost Rider movies.  I have gone on record as stating I think they are in the top ten worst comic ...
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How Comicbooked Podcasts Will Save the World: An Introduction

Everyone knows that 2012 represents the end of days on the Mayan calendar. What people don't know, however, is how Emmet O'Cuana and his crack team ...
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Ghost Rider 68

Four-Color Flashbacks Favorite Story: Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider month continues! This week I'll be looking at my all-time favorite story to appear in the original run of Ghost Rider.  Ghost Rider ...
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Ghost Rider 2

The Week In Comics: Zombies, Demons, Fanboys

TV and Movies: Last week saw three significant mainstream media releases... the Walking Dead season resumption, the Comic Book Men series premiere ...
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