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Squeaky Mouse Droid: Top Ten Star Wars Moments

Squeaky Mouse Droid: Top Ten Star Wars Moments Star Wars is, without question, the greatest saga ever told on screen that was made specifically for the screen. Though there are many novels (both the newly-dubbed “Legends” novels of the former [...]

September 16, 2015 Features

Top 10 Annoying Changes to the Star Wars Trilogy

I remember when the Star Wars Special Editions hit theaters in 1997. As a huge Star Wars fan, I was thrilled with all of the added scenes. I was also blown away by what was considered cutting-edge CGI technology at the time. However, [...]

March 28, 2014 Movies and TV
The Star Wars #1 Cover

The Star Wars #1 – Review

Star Wars, as we know it, is not exactly what George Lucas had in mind when he wrote the original rough draft screenplay for the first film. In fact, it was a darker, more intense galaxy far, far away. Now, [...]

September 8, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Darth Vader

Mass Effect vs Star Wars – Choose Your Mythology

As an 80’s child, the phrase ‘Star Wars is the mythology of our time’ has become something of a truism for me. It is now essential to mention Joseph Campbell when discussing the symbolism of Star Wars. It is certainly [...]

November 22, 2011 Features

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