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Iron Patriot

Review: Iron Patriot #1

Minor Spoilers Inside I wanted to like Iron Patriot #1, I really did. The fundamentals are there: A gradually coming-together supporting cast, a ...
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Marvel Sneaky Preview: Iron Patriot #1

This "Sneaky Preview" reveals the new man behind the Iron Patriot, James Rhodes! Here's a look at some images from his upcoming series!
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Preview – Incorruptible #21

Have you been sitting on the sidelines while INCORRUPTIBLE has been serving up some of the best and most interesting superhero comics being written ...
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Boom! Previews for July 27th

Check out all of these new books that are incoming from BOOM! Studios this week!   Kurt Busiek’s DRACULA: THE COMPANY OF MONSTERS closes ...
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Preview: Incorruptible #19

With Headcase out of commission, supervillains emerging from the woodwork in the wake of the Plutonian’s absence, and pressure from the Paradigm ...
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After Infestation: IDW Announces New Zombies Vs. Robots Series

On Friday IDW's Publisher and Editor-In-Chief, Chris Ryall, who also co-created the Zombies Vs. Robots concept with artist Ashley Wood, announced ...
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