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Galactus 1

What If…? Wednesday: Galactus Edition

Schedule changes are awesome! My new day for columns, for those of you who can't read, is now on Wednesdays. So, every Wednesday you will be able ...
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Out of Time

What If…? Batman Edition

The Dark Knight Detective. Batman is almost every fanboy's wet dream. Go to any comics message board or fan site and you are bound to find one ...
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Comics From The Crypt: Marvel Zombies

"It began with a flash in the sky" So begins one of the most entertaining, and gory, sagas in the Marvel Universe: MARVEL ZOMBIES #1-5 (Dec. ...
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Bullet Reviews 121

Bullet Reviews #121

Just a few more weeks of summer to go but we have endless Bullet Reviews to share! This week: Avengers #17, Fairest #18, Guardians Of The Galaxy ...
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Preview- Hunger #1, Cover - Comic Book Resources

Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Hunger!

WARNING: This piece contains spoilers for Age of Ultron #10 and some opinions that you might not agree with. Spinning out of the pages of Marvel...
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Memorable Spider-Man Team-Ups

To celebrate Spider-Man's 50th Anniversary, AND the fact that he now has a sidekick he is teamed up with to train, I've polled the thoughts of ...
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Just Three of the Worst Movie Costumes Ever Made

Most of us love a good superhero movie. When I say most I mean seriously, who the heck doesn't? What really can make or break a superhero movie is ...
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It Came From The Longbox #7: The Herald Ordeal

Deep within my collection there are books long forgotten, either by chance or by choice.  It Came From The Longbox is where some of these books ...
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Marvel point one cover

Review: Marvel’s Point One

Marvel's Point One is an anthology of stories by different writers and artists that teases the story arcs in upcoming comic book series.  I didn't ...
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This Is Not The Future We Were Promised

The Fantastic Four Return In November

It looks like the return of the Fantastic Four is going to be a big deal! For the past year, fans have been subjected to a completely different ...
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