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top 10 tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Least Patriotic Comic Characters

To be fair, we Americans are a judgmental bunch when it comes to people who disagree with our viewpoints, values, and love for all things 'Merica. ...
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IDW logo

NYCC: A Look at the IDW Announcements

We summarized a bunch of the Marvel announcements from this past weekend earlier, and now we are doing the same for the big announcements and press ...
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G.I. Joe Special Missions #3

Spoiler alert - the two guys on the cover are not in this book however Scarlett, Mainframe and Dial-Tone are.  The Baroness is still on the Argo ...
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Cobra Files

IDW Launches a 3rd Ongoing G.I. Joe Series

IDW recently launched 2 new series based around the G.I. Joe franchise - G.I.Joe and G.I. Joe Special Missions. I have read both of those titles ...
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IDW Looks Back at Classic G.I. Joe

IDW has been paying some true homage to many franchises that are near and dear to me, what with me being a child of the 1980s. I grew up watching ...
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G.I. Joe Baroness cover

Review: G.I. Joe #1

If you grew up in the 1980’s or even early 90’s you will remember the G.I. Joe cartoons and action figures.  I was what some people might call ...
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G.I.Joe Special Missions #1

IDW Takes G.I.Joe Undercover

With the success of a number of titles surrounding the G.I. Joe franchise, is it any wonder that IDW would be up for another one joining the ...
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G.I. Joe Micro Force

Big News About Small Figures from G.I. JoeCon

Big news from Hasbro coming out of this weekend’s G.I. JoeCon in New Orleans with the reveal of a new line of toys and upcoming figures for the ...
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GI joe Retaliation W1

‘Yo Joe!’ or ‘No Joe!’?

Though most of you that would read this are already aware (thanks in no small part to us telling you) that Paramount Pictures decided at the last ...
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Brandon Jerwa Gets Comic Booked!

Brandon Jerwa is a writer, musician, and maker of documentaries, that lives here in Seattle. You probably know his work from the many comic titles ...
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