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Scott Lobdell Invades

Superman Writer Scott Lobdell Invades Comikaze!

As a 20 year veteran of the comic book industry, Scott Lobdell has worn many hats. He's created a whole new generation of X-Men, and sent them to a ...
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Sam Raimi

CBH Report: Raimi Calls Amazing Spider-Man “Shortsighted and Mindless”

Amazing Spider-Man had everything people wanted.  The reviews were good.  The money it pulled in was excellent.  Critics and fans fell in love ...
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CBH Report: Kirkman Talks Women of Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman, best known for the hit comic book series and AMC television show The Walking Dead, has been praised for his absolutely brilliant ...
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Featured Spidey

CBH Report: Fans Want “Ultimate Spider-Man” Canned

Although the Disney XD "hit show" has been green lit for a season two, fans are urging that Marvel/Disney/Jeph Loeb and everyone associated give ...
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This Was a Thing That Happened… No, Really!

“Did they REALLY just do that?!” “He’s dead? Wait, he’s alive! Ah no, he’s dead.” “Thats stupid, but I LOVE it!” Just ...
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Comic Booked Advertising Page

List of Posts That Were April Fools Jokes

Did we fool anybody this April Fools day?  You may be sitting there thinking "No way! I knew it was April Fools day".  Well that was some of you, ...
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Dirty Dancing

Movies That Would Fail As Comics

My most humble apologies for being awesome and partying on St. Patricks Day.  It prevented me from getting a new installment out for all my fans. ...
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Character Pitch: Wonder Woman

Publisher: So we hear you have quite the "unique" idea for us today.   (Grabs some paper work) It says here you have something the likes of ...
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Driving Miss Daisy

Movies That Would Fail As Comics

As part of Comic Booked Humor we will be introducing a lot of new articles, pictures, and videos.  In the next 3 months or so expect a slew of new ...
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Carmine with a teddy bear

Clayton Carmine sings the blues

Waking up at 6:30am on a Sunday morning is not fun, end of story; nonetheless, I decided to hit the ground running today, and, upon sifting through ...
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