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Talking Flashpoints – Part 9

The DC Comics Universe continues down the road towards its date with destiny, Barry Allen, Cyborg, Batman, and friends are taking things on the ...
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Flashpoint #4

Review: Flashpoint #4

Flashpoint #4 Writer: Geoff Johns Artist: Andy Kubert This was another great issue of Flashpoint.  It opens with President Obama ...
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Ethan Van Sciver Gets Comic Booked!

Last weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia my fellow reporter Nick C. and myself had the pleasure of interviewing one of the comic book industry’s ...
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Artist Justiniano Charged With Possession of Child Porn

This one is something of a sticky wicket. Long time comics artist Justiniano, who's worked on such titles at Evil Ernie, Chastity, The Flash, Hulk, ...
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The Mantle of THE FLASH

Our character of the month is none other than Barry Allen (Check out Jordamus Prime's in depth review of Barry Allen Here) who is the alter ego of ...
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Flashpoint - Prof Zoom Ad (for posting)

DC Announces Flashpoint Creative Teams

With a new event in the DC Universe comes what we can only call "Eventful DC coverage"   That's right I'm talking about 'Flashpoint' the five ...
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Flash Thompson is Venom

Marvel announced Flash Thompson will be the next Venom. The longtime Spider-Man fan will be web-slinging this February in Amazing Spider-Man #654, ...
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FCBD Comic Booked

DC Comics Announces FCBD Title

DC has announced their Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) book will tie in with both the upcoming Green Lantern movie AND the upcoming Flash comics event, ...
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Geoff Johns

Happy Birthday Geoff Johns!

The whole team at Comic Booked would like to wish a very happy birthday to writer Geoff Johns! Johns is the Chief Creative Officer of DC comics and ...
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DC Comics logo

Five Characters DC Could Use to Get Back in the Game

It seems to be that Warner Brothers is finally waking up and smelling the GOLD MINE that is DC Comics.  For years DC has really only capitalized ...
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