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comiXology Present a Flashpoint 3-Day Sale

After last week’s announcement of adding over a hundred new series to their digital collection, comiXology gives DC Comics the royal treatment. For three days starting on February 3, the Flashpoint story-arc, the precursor to the New 52, will be [...]

February 2, 2012 Reviews
By Geoff Johns and Jim Lee

Justice League #5 Review

Darkseid is here and we start this issue with what looks like a full scale invasion. Darkseid and his forces devastate the area of arrival. Local law enforcement quickly over powered and most of the Justice League are already down [...]

January 27, 2012 Reviews

New Releases: DC Comics 1/25/2012

It is New Comic Book Day tomorrow Wednesday 1/25/2012. Here are your  DC Comic options, along with a few of my personal recommendations. Comment and let us know what your recommendation is, don’t let your favorite series be passed over! [...]

January 24, 2012 Reviews

Review – The Dark Knight #3

As the turkey slowly bakes away in the oven and the smell travels throughout the house, I am sitting here reading this week’s new releases for you.  The first book in my list was Batman: The Dark Knight #3 and [...]

November 30, 2011 Reviews

Review – Justice League #3

I realize we’re only three issues into this new Justice League series, but this has been a series that was a success the second it hit comic store shelves.  The first issue sold faster than they could be handed out [...]

November 18, 2011 Reviews

Talking Flashpoint – Part 12 – The End is Nigh

That’s right, by this time next week, Flashpoint will have concluded and we will all be discovering the continuity of the New 52. Are you prepared? Here begins the final installment of this series, in which we examine the various [...]

August 29, 2011 Reviews

The JSA Returns, Brings the Rest of Earth 2 With Them

DC announced today at the FanExpo Canada Convention in Toronto that the original superhero team, the Justice Society of America, will be returning in a new comic series, written by James Robinson (Starman, The Golden Age, Justice League of America) [...]

August 29, 2011 Reviews

Talking Flashpoints – Part 9

The DC Comics Universe continues down the road towards its date with destiny, Barry Allen, Cyborg, Batman, and friends are taking things on the offensive, in an attempt to put an end to the war between Atlantis and the Amazons.  [...]

August 4, 2011 Reviews
Flashpoint #4

Review: Flashpoint #4

Flashpoint #4 Writer: Geoff Johns Artist: Andy Kubert This was another great issue of Flashpoint.  It opens with President Obama addressing the nation, which is unusual for DC, as they typically avoid portraying the real commander in chief in favor of [...]

August 4, 2011 Reviews

Ethan Van Sciver Gets Comic Booked!

Last weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia my fellow reporter Nick C. and myself had the pleasure of interviewing one of the comic book industry’s most prolific creative talents, Ethan Van Sciver! Van Sciver is best known for his work on [...]

June 30, 2011 Reviews

Artist Justiniano Charged With Possession of Child Porn

This one is something of a sticky wicket. Long time comics artist Justiniano, who’s worked on such titles at Evil Ernie, Chastity, The Flash, Hulk, Superman, and 52 and worked with writers Brian Pulido, Bill Willingham and others has been [...]

May 11, 2011 Reviews

The Mantle of THE FLASH

Our character of the month is none other than Barry Allen (Check out Jordamus Prime’s in depth review of Barry Allen Here) who is the alter ego of The Scarlett Speedster better known as The Flash. While Barry is our [...]

March 18, 2011 Reviews
Flashpoint - Prof Zoom Ad (for posting)

DC Announces Flashpoint Creative Teams

With a new event in the DC Universe comes what we can only call “Eventful DC coverage”   That’s right I’m talking about ‘Flashpoint‘ the five issue mini series with multiple connecting mini series to enrich the story and the [...]

March 9, 2011 Reviews

Flash Thompson is Venom

Marvel announced Flash Thompson will be the next Venom. The longtime Spider-Man fan will be web-slinging this February in Amazing Spider-Man #654, with some solo action coming in March. Flash Venom will be getting a limited series simply titled Venom, [...]

January 31, 2011 Reviews
FCBD Comic Booked

DC Comics Announces FCBD Title

DC has announced their Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) book will tie in with both the upcoming Green Lantern movie AND the upcoming Flash comics event, Flashpoint: “This is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers who can’t wait to [...]

January 27, 2011 Reviews