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Green Lantern Corps #20

Green Lantern Corps #20 – Review

I would like to start off with a warning about this issue. If you are invested in the "Wrath of the First Lantern" story and also read Green ...
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The secret origin of Guy Gardner

Review: Green Lantern Corps #0

I have a confession to make: I've never been that big of a Guy Gardner fan. Shocker, I know - especially considering how often I praise Peter J. ...
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The Third Army Rises – Green Lantern Crossover begins this October.

The Guardians of the Universe have long sought to bring order to the chaos of the universe. Don't mistake that for being good guys. Sure they ...
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Review: Green Lantern Corps #12

The end of DC Comics' Green Lantern Corps "Alpha-War" arc is finally here, and it goes out with a bang - literally. Writer Peter J. Tomasi and ...
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Review: Green Lantern Corps #11

Green Lantern has been a staple of DC Comics' "New 52", and one of the best-written and well-loved series due to Geoff Johns' seemingly never-end...
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