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Hellraiser: Long Live Pinhead, The Hell Priest

Picture from Boom! Comics Hellraiser, written by Clive Barker Art by Tim Bradstreet As a Clive Barker fan, I love Hellraiser. From the novella it was based on, The Hellbound Heart, to the first four movies, especially Hellraiser and Hellbound: [...]

May 27, 2016 comics
Mae #1

Review: Mae # 1 by Dark Horse Comics

Kickstarter can do amazing things.  Kickstarter has helped launch so many dreams and projects and successful books and writers.  As proof of this concept, Gene Ha has taken his kickstarter campaign to its goal and beyond in a mere thirty [...]

May 19, 2016 comics, Small Press

Kickstarter Spotlight: Robots vs Princesses

Mashups can be a lot of fun. The crazier the better! Lately, we have seen robots fighting zombies, robots fighting giant monsters, vampires fighting werewolves, werewolves fighting zombies, vampires fighting werewolves fighting zombies… You get the picture. But, this new [...]

May 18, 2016 Features, Interviews

Interview with Michael R. Fletcher, Author of Beyond Redemption

Currently, I am reading Beyond Redemption, a hard-hitting epic dark fantasy novel by Michael R. Fletcher. I wanted to do an interview with him to gain more of an understanding of what influenced his novel, and how he operates as [...]

May 1, 2016 Features, Interviews

Plugging in to Tad William’s Otherland

Photo by Thomas Bonner Originally posted at When it comes to art, from the visual, musical, or even literary, the rules and restrictions people place on creativity can come with ridiculous, biased ideas. Some people place an unfair judgment against speculative fiction, [...]

April 9, 2016 Features

Michael L. Peter Interview For Crescent City Magick!

Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing Michael L. Peter for his book, Crescent City Magick (, an amazing occult urban fantasy comic set in New Orleans. Mr. Peters was also kind enough to let me interview him for Comic Booked. I [...]

April 8, 2016 Features, Interviews, Small Press
Drinking Quest #1

On A Quest, Part III: The Drinking Quest Comic Review

By now you’ve read my interview with Drinking Quest creator, Jason Anarchy, and you’ve read my review of the game itself. We’re on Comic Booked though, so what about some comics? Well as fortune would have it, the first issue of the Drinking Quest [...]

June 30, 2014 Features
Immortal Lycanthropes, by Hal Johnson

Immortal Lycanthropes

I didn’t know what expect when I picked up Immortal Lycanthropes, by Hal Johnson. This is the story of Myron Horowitz. Myron is a pretty typical 13-year-old. He’s starting high school.  He likes adventure stories.  Of course there is the [...]

November 14, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
Oswald Chronicles cover

Kickstarter Spotlight – The Oswald Chronicles

Kickstarter is a tool that has helped many comic creators make their dreams become reality. It’s a place where creators can eschew conventional publishers and find an outlet for their bold visions and far-out concepts. With as little as a [...]

September 29, 2012 Features, ZDONOTUSE
Damsels and Dragons logo

Damsels and Dragons: An Interview with Writer Eric Campbell

Full disclosure: Interviewing your friends can be a lot of fun, especially when they’re longtime friends who you share many of the same hobbies with. Eric Campbell (IMDB) and I have been gaming buddies for more years than I care to [...]

May 9, 2012 Features, Interviews
Saga #1 cover

Review: Saga #1

Saga #1 (written by Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Fiona Staples, published by Image) One of the most admirable qualities of Saga is its playful nature.  Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples experiment with form quite a bit in this [...]

April 27, 2012 Features
Geek & Sundry

Review: Geek & Sundry – Sword & Laser

Sword and Laser hosts Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt have crossed the bridge from audio to video as they take their four-year-old podcast and turn into a new series for the new Geek & Sundry YouTube channel. I’ve never heard [...]

April 14, 2012 Movies and TV
By Nate Piekos

Web Comics Wednesday – Fantasy

There are no set rules to the FANTASY genre. Basically, if you can think it, it fits. Whether it’s swords and sorcery, an enchanted guitar, or a boy dressed like a cat, the idea of fantasy can encompass nearly anything. Today’s Web [...]

February 1, 2012 Features

Comic Booked Indie Presents! – The Comicsmiths’ Guild

Greetings again fellow comic book fans! Thanks for showing up to this special Friday edition of Comic Booked Indie. The show was pushed back as I have had quite the busy week of geekery however it will be back to [...]

March 18, 2011 Features

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