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Marvel's Season One line of books coming early 2012

Marvel’s Season One Trade Dress Revealed

Marvel is making a few new moves to bring in new readership. Their most recent push, called Season One, will showcase most of their flagship ...
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Review: Future Foundation #8

This issue opens on two awesome double page spreads of the Inhumans invading the High Evolutionary's Forever City.  Steve Epting's art here is ...
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Dr. Doom close up

Marvel Announces Victor Von Doom

There is no question that I happen to admire one of the most prominent villains in Marvel's history, Dr. Doom! Starting out as just a one note ...
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Marvel Teases Fantastic Four #600

Marvel sure has been teasing the upcoming Fantastic Four #600 pretty hard this week! And with good reason. Hitting the 600th issue is a major ...
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Fantastic Four-Color Flashback: The Galactus Trilogy

Join us as we celebrate fifty years of comics' First Family and revisit some of their all-time greatest adventures! The Galactus Trilogy is how ...
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fantastic four1994

Mythical Movie Review: Fantastic Four (1994)

As I’ve stated in my previous review of Captain America (1990), we have a great movie theater called Rave Theaters that puts on a free B-Movie ...
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Feel Better Now teaser image

Hickman Returns To Art In “Feel Better Now”

Slated for release later this year, Jonathan Hickman, the acclaimed writer of Marvel’s recent run of Fantastic Four, and Image Comics have ...
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Fantastic Four #1 Sells for $300,000

Stan Lee and the late great Jack Kirby, both icons in my eyes created the Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics. This iconic team, the Fantastic Four, ...
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Amazing Spider-Man #658 Review

Amazing Spider-Man #658 “Peter Parker: The Fantastic Spider-Man” Writer: Dan Slott Art: Javier Pulido Colors: Muntsa Vicente, ...
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Amazing Spider-Man #657 Review

Amazing Spider-Man #657 “Torch Song” Writer: Dan Slott Art: Marcos Martin, Ty Templeton, Nuno Plati & Stefano Caselli Colors: ...
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