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2013 End of Year Comic Awards

5 Essential Graphic Novels You Missed in 2013

There were a lot of great comics last year, and we here at Comic Booked have written a fair bit about them so far.  But we tend to be a bit prejudiced towards monthly comics, as they’re the books that [...]

January 7, 2014 Features
Harvey Awards

And the Harvey Nominees Are…

The 2013 Harvey Awards Nominees have been announced.  This year Marvel led all nominees with 12, mostly thanks to Hawkeye.  Image was next with 11, behind the one-two punch of Saga and  Revival.  DC and Fantagraphics both had six nods.  IDW Publishing [...]

July 15, 2013 News

Candy Or Comics: Halloween ComicFest 2012, Part II

On Monday I shared a few of the books being offered this year on Halloween at comic shops across the fruited plains. Today, while we all gather our comics and prepare to dive into our realms of myth and fantasy, [...]

October 24, 2012 Reviews

Candy Or Comics: Halloween ComicFest

Take a look at some of the books being offered at comic shops for Halloween ComicFest 2012! [...]

October 22, 2012 Reviews

SDCC 2012: Eisner Award Winners Announced

The Will Eisner Comic Industry Award winners were announced Friday night at SDCC.  The full list of winners can be found here on the SDCC official site.  Winners include:       Best Short Story “The Seventh” by Darwyn Cooke [...]

July 14, 2012 Reviews
Graphic Novels

Summer Reading List: Upcoming Graphic Novels

Need something to fill your time between awesome summer blockbusters and ongoing comic series?  Here’s a list of some of this summer’s upcoming graphic novels to help you fill in some of those gaps!     June: Marathon: Written by [...]

June 7, 2012 Reviews

FCBD 2012 Bullet Previews #3

Here a we go with another round of books being offered as part of this year’s Free Comic Book Day! Be sure to check out all of our coverage as well as the official FCBD website, linked through the banner [...]

May 1, 2012 Reviews
Official seal for an Eisner nominee.

2012 Eisner Award Nominations Announced

It’s that time of year again, folks: time to vote for your favorite comics, comic books, writers, artists, letterers and many others in the comics industry as part of the ferocious battle that is the 2012 Will Eisner Comic Industry [...]

April 5, 2012 Reviews
Straightjacket Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Escape the Comic Straightjacket

More and more I have started to notice a painful truth as of late– many of the comics that I think are the most innovative and exciting, struggle to find an audience. No, I’m not just talking about lesser-known underground [...]

February 23, 2012 Features, Reviews

EC Archives To Return This November!

Some great news for fans of some of the best comic books ever published in these United States! The only question now is how does this affect the previously announced EC reprints from Fanagraphics? For immediate release: First-generation EC Comics [...]

September 16, 2011 Reviews

EC Comics To Return To Print In 2012

It’s been almost 3 years since Gemstone discontinued their EC Archives series, which is really too bad because those are some excellent collections of some legendary comics. Any comics fan of worth should have some EC titles in their collection. [...]

August 14, 2011 Reviews
Eisner-Awards-2011 3

2011 Eisner Awards Winners

The winners of the 2011 Eisner Awards were announced at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con.  It was the 23rd year that the Eisner Awards were given out, with awards given in 28 categories. IDW Publishing won a total of  5 awards [...]

July 23, 2011 Reviews

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