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You don't know Jack

Ax-Grinding: The Unoriginal Sequel

Fans and critics alike of my recent shorts-bunching gripey post about the recycling of fairy tale tropes and other unoriginal film archetypes (vampires, penguins, Stallones) and “literary” TV concepts (medical procedural starring Dr. Jekyll, anyone?) will enjoy and/or be incredibly [...]

February 21, 2013 DO NOT USE
This time, it's personal, rhymes-with-witches!

Old Is The New New

Don’t hate on me, Internet, because the stuff I’m about to trash includes some of my favorite things! Consider this a healthy dose of “tough love,” and by that I mean “annoying criticism.” If there’s a duller ongoing pop culture [...]

January 21, 2013 DO NOT USE, Features

Bullet Reviews #78

TUESDAY! Yeah, this has become the primer for New Comics Day, Wednesday. Each week we take a look at a sampling of recently released books from various publishers and give some quick thoughts. This week we look at: Amazing Spider-Man [...]

October 9, 2012 DO NOT USE

Review: Erstwhile

By virtue of having grown up in the western world, a lot of us can remember a time when fairy tales governed our lives. Who doesn’t know the story of Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk, or the Bird, the [...]

July 20, 2012 DO NOT USE

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