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EXCLUSIVE: Matt Fraction Talks Fantastic Four and Hawkeye

Matt Fraction has worked on many titles in his time ranging from Immortal Iron Fist to Invincible Iron Man and the brilliant Casanova. (If you ...
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potentially a Zenescope preview

Zenescope Is Up To Something – Could These Be Previews?

I don’t have any official announcements from Zenescope yet, but I do have some pictures from what looks to be a new upcoming series! They ...
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Dark Horse to Collect Mass Effect in Hardcover Library Edition

In that wondrous space where comic books and video games meet, fusing together into one magnificent creation, few titles are as highly regarded as ...
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Killer B*****s of the Zombie Holocaust

Exclusive Preview Killer B*****s of The Zombie Holocaust

As a firm fan of indie comic books I follow many people and projects in the industry. One project that keeps catching my eye is “Killer B*****s ...
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Big City Comics unveil Whore at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner, a couple of days to be exact.  Every publisher tries to release some big news or event at SDCC.  ...
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The Walking Dead #100: Who Is Lucille?

To go along with the other announcement on Tuesday, Image Comics has released the following teaser image for the upcoming The Walking Dead #100 ...
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McFarlane Toys “The Walking Dead” Michonne SDCC Exclusive

As Robert Kirkman has been promising for months now, the San Diego Comic-Con will feature a smorgasbord of goodness for fans of The Walking Dead. ...
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DC Entertainment announced today that it is relaunching its DC DIRECT line as DC Collectibles. This is more than just a name change as the new ...
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Sneak Peek – Man From Space 2

Man From Space comic creator Marc Jackson caught up with me with an EXCLUSIVE preview of the second issue of his comic. He also had a little ...
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Dark Horse Comics logo

Exclusive First Look at Dark Horse Presents #12 Cover Art

Dark Horse Presents is an awesome eighty-page anthology series that features great stories, first looks at new titles, and a cornucopia of other ...
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