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Everything Daily – Save for Web

I sometimes talk about things that will drive readers away, like last week I mentioned bad layout that makes it hard to follow the story. Previou...
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Everything Daily – Layout Styles

One of the great things about webcomics is that they don’t have to fit any particular format or Layout Style, be it newspaper, comic book or ...
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Everything Daily – Perfect Comic Balloons

A Comic Balloon is that white “balloon” that floats above your character’s head that holds the text. Usually there’s a tail or a pointer ...
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Everything Daily – Lettering

Lettering is the most under-appreciated aspect of comics. I don’t think anyone ever talks about it and no one ever gives props to the letterer. ...
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Everything Daily – If it can go wrong…

Everything Daily – If it can go wrong… If you planning to get into the Webcomic game, there’s something very important to consider,. This ...
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Everything Daily – Give your Characters some Perspective

For a long time, I’ve talked about perspective, but these concepts have been a little abstract perhaps.  I’ve told you that cubes can help you ...
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Everything Daily – A Bit More Perspective

Yes, more perspective, but this last bit of information is the missing link that you need to take your drawings to the next level. Once you've ...
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Freehand Perspective Title

Everything Daily – Perspective, The Next Step

The past month of this column has focused on perspective for beginners.  One article a week barely scratches the surface of this topic. Perspect...
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badPerspectiveTitle copy

Everything Daily – Perspective for Beginners, Part 4: Bad Perspective

What's that? Yes it's, the fourth part of Perspective for Beginners, and just to let you know, there is one more part due next week.  Perspective ...
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Everything Daily – Perspective for Beginners – Part 3

We’ve been taking a basic look at perspective. In Part 1, we looked at 1 Point Perspective. In Part 2, we covered 2 Point Perspective. So here in ...
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