Wednesday 25th November 2015,
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Squeaky Mouse Droid: The Hyperdrive Motivator

SQUEAKY MOUSE DROID EPISODE 2: The Hyperdrive Motivator Before the Squeaky Mouse Droid starts the actual topic of this column, there’s a tiny observation it would like to make about this universe. On Words With Friends (at least on the [...]

April 6, 2015 Features
Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels – First Trailer

Now that Disney owns Lucas Films and therefore, Star Wars, they are beginning to ramp up new content. This past week, Disney announced that there would be an official stance on Star Wars canon for the first time. The original [...]

May 5, 2014 Movies and TV
Star Wars #7 Cover

Review: Star Wars #7 (2013)

Darth Vader continues attempting to assert his will on the Empire while the Rebels desperately try to uncover the data leak. Star Wars #7 focuses on Luke and Leia, working together on a familiar planet. Meanwhile, the Emperor is unhappy with Darth [...]

July 14, 2013 ZDONOTUSE

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