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Comic-Nomics 101: What Are Comics Really Worth?

Value is the in eye of the highest bidder. How many times have you looked at that mountain of comic books and thought… Man, I should sell them and move out of my parents’ basement. But, where do you start? [...]

August 7, 2015 Features

Superheroes, Villains, and Dragons

Thrills and Containment Many of us have spent most of our adult lives trying to fill the hole our mom created when she threw away our prized comic books. We’ve visited the comic book store more times than Lex Luthor [...]

February 5, 2014 Features

DC Villains Month Week 1 as Judged by eBay

Evil has dropped upon the DC Universe. The Crime Syndicate has been revealed as the masterminds of the Trinity War, and are boasting to have killed the Justice League. Things are not looking good for our favorite DC heroes in [...]

September 10, 2013 ZDONOTUSE

How To Spend Your Paycheck: October 5th

Happy October, everyone.  Sure, you could save up and spend your paychecks on practical things like rent and utilities and really awesome Halloween costumes this month – or you could pick up some of these awesome items. We’re getting within [...]

October 6, 2012 News
NYCC Aardman Batman

How To Spend Your Paycheck: September 21

One of the perks of being vaguely employed is that, with this many part-time jobs going at once, I end up getting paid for something every week.  Sure, my off-week pay isn’t nearly as flashy as that 1st-and-15th deposit – [...]

September 22, 2012 News
Stan Lee made an appearance at this weekend's Wizard World Philly

Wizard World Philly 2012: Stan Lee

Let’s face it, Stan Lee is a living legend. I even went so far as to purchase my first VIP pass just for the chance to get a picture with him. As I waited in line for my photo-op I counted at [...]

June 3, 2012 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Conventions vs Internet

I loved conventions (Ok I still do). There is something about seeing different booths displaying comics that I don’t get to see every day. Many Silver Age #1’s and Key Issues were drooled over as I asked to see them [...]

March 16, 2012 Features

What are They Worth?

Looking for the best comic book isn’t always easy. CGC has made it simple  for me to find them if they are available, because some of them are not. I will soon have the best collection of New Mutants. That does not mean [...]

August 14, 2011 Features

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