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Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest Cosplay Gallery #1

Amazed, enamored and hooked! Phoenix, Arizona’s cosplay rep leaked and first hand investigation proved it’s notoriety well deserved and earned! The Valley of the Sun’s phenomenal costumes, friendly folks and fantastic fantasy mixed with spot on character cosplay integrity was [...]

December 6, 2015 Cosplay, Features
Alice Cooper Vs Chaos

Alice Cooper Vs Chaos #1

Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos #1 Writers: Tim Seeley and Jim Terry Artist: Jim Terry Colorist: Aikau Oliva Letterer: A Larger World Studios Cover: Joyce Chin Cover colorist: Ivan Nunes 4 rockin’ guitars out of 5 – Fab color, intense cover [...]

September 17, 2015 Features

Vampirella and The Army of Darkness #3 – Dynamite

Vampirella and The Army of Darkness #3 Writer:  Mark Rahner Artist:  Jett Morales Letterer:  Marshall Dillon Colorist:  Morgan Hickman Cover A: Tim Seeley and Alex Guimaraes   Cover B: Tony Fleecs 4 pairs of vampire batwings out of 5 – [...]

September 10, 2015 Features
Comic Dynamite1

Swords of Sorrow: Red Sonja & Jungle Girl #1

Dynamite Comics Swords Of Sorrow: Red Sonja & Jungle Girl #1 Writer – Marguerite Bennett Artist/Colorist – Mirka Andolfo Letterer – Erica Schultz Cover – Jay Anacleto Cover Color – Ivan Nunes 4 chain-mailed thumbs up out of 5 (SOS [...]

July 26, 2015 Features
new comic book day

New Comic Book Day Spectacular #2 (VIDEO)

With all the great comics coming out each week, you really need some guidance as to what is good and what is worth picking up and spending your hard earned money on. What we try to do, with the Weekly [...]

July 18, 2015 Features

Comic Dynamite – Epicly Evil Editions of Dresden and Blackcross!

Dynamite Entertainment’s new releases this week included a new Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, and Blackcross – from the Pages of Project Superpowers.  Two incredibly unique comics with enough testosterone, blood letting and gnashing of teeth to make the powerlifter [...]

June 21, 2015 Features

Superman Lands in Metropolis!

Superman Lands in Metropolis ! Strong winds prevailed in Metropolis, IL during the Superman Celebration – massive amounts of Supermen, Super Girls, Wonder Women and other heroes created a wind tunnel vortex during events in the area!   Apparently it was a strong enough [...]

June 16, 2015 Cosplay, Features

Comic Dynamite June 10th Releases – Lady Rawhide, Lady Zorro, Vampirella, Jennifer Blood – Oh-Ya!!!

Comic Dynamite shows Dynamite Entertainment hits a new high with the latest installments of their Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella and Jennifer Blood, Lady Rawhide and Lady Zorro, Looking For Group and Reanimator comic releases this week.  Crazy fighting action scenes [...]

June 10, 2015 Features

Comic Dynamite June #1 – Ladies Of Dynamite Kick Butt and Take Names

Blood Queen vs Dracula #4 Writer – Troy Brownfield Artist – Kewber Baal Colorist – Kirsty Swan Lettering – Marshall Dillon Cover – Jay Anacleto and Ivan Nunes (A), Fabiano Neves (B) 4 thumbs up out of 5 – with [...]

June 4, 2015 Features
Comic Dynamite

Comic Dynamite May #1 – Blasts Off!!!

Comic Dynamite May Review #1 comes with some rockin’ comics from Dynamite!  Check out a few of the newest comics in the dynamite action arsenal, including the sexy and tough Swords of Sorrow, great Masks 2, Dresden, Blackcross and Uncanny [...]

May 15, 2015 Features
Comic Dynamite

Comic Dynamite – April Wrap-Up

Comic Dynamite – a new feature bringing you reviews of new releases from Dynamite comics at  Fantastic comics with amazing writers, artists, colorists, inkers and letterers working hard together to create vivid, eye-popping art to enjoy!  Luv it!!! Check [...]

May 8, 2015 Features

Dynamite Review: Ex-Con #1

Dynamite Entertainment has put out some really great stories lately, often taking lead from TV and movie properties like The Shadow, Flash Gordon, Evil Dead, and many others. What I like most from this company is the line of new [...]

September 7, 2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Dynamite Comic Review: Dresden Files War Cry #4 – Spoiled

Dresden Files War Cry #4 Butcher, Powers, Gomez SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! With the reveal of Dresden’s brother, Thomas Raith, as the cloaked ally at the end of last issue, we had a particularly powerful flash [...]

September 5, 2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Dynamite Comic Review: Dresden Files: War Cry #1 – spoiled

Dresden Files: War Cry #1 Butcher, Powers, Gomez SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! For those of you who aren’t already die hard fans of Jim Butcher’s urban fantasy epic the Dresden Files, get on board! While this [...]

August 28, 2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

All-New Bullet Reviews #3

Another week and another round, let’s look at some more books in All-New Bullet Reviews #3 then head to your LCS tomorrow and check them out! BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA #1 (Boom!) This is the one fans of the [...]

June 10, 2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

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