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SuperSunday: Superman in November

The title should read: SuperSunda: Superman in November (with a bit of Superman from October’s end, as well, because calendars are weird) but for obvious reasons (SEO, formatting, and just general silliness), it doesn’t.  So there’s that.  We have a [...]

November 29, 2015 Features

Baturday: Batman Eternal #6, Batgirl #31, and more!

Happy Baturday, everyone!  Before we get started, let me just say that you should all do yourselves a favor and go buy or rent Son of Batman.  It’s a fun watch.  Different from the source material, but very true to [...]

May 17, 2014 Features
Batman-Superman 3.1

Forever Evil Event: Batman/Superman 3.1 (Doomsday)

Batman/Superman 3.1 Special “Villains Month” Title: Doomsday 1 Greg Pak, Brett Booth Forever Evil Crossover Spoiler alert! You have been warned!   The Batman/Superman tie-in to Villains Month and Forever Evil features Doomsday, one of the very few characters in [...]

September 28, 2013 Features, ZDONOTUSE

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