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Titan-ic Doctor Who Comic News

Titan Comics announces creative teams for two of it's upcoming Doctor Who ongoing series, both to hit comic shops this July.
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Doctor Who comics move to Titan

Doctor Who Comics Move to Titan Comics

Titanic News! Doctor Who comics are moving to Titan Comics in 2014. They will produce series featuring Doctors 10-12 beginning in 2014.
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Doctor Who Music Video

Doctor Who’s Entire History In Less Than 4 Minutes ALL IN ONE TAKE

11 Doctors and 50 years of great science fiction television all about a mad man who stole a blue box called a TARDIS. If you are a fellow Whovian ...
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Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #9

Review: Doctor Who – Prisoners of Time #9

WARNING: There are probably spoilers here. Just saying... Doctor Who continues to be a powerful pop icon. In Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, IDW ...
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Doctor Who Classics #5

Review: Doctor Who Classics #5

Doctor Who continues to be a hugely popular character after 50 years out there traveling through time and space. IDW Publishing has made it ...
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Cover of Doctor Who Classics #4

Review: Doctor Who Classics #4

"I'm the Doctor." "Doctor who?" "Just The Doctor." This running gag has been around since nearly the beginning of Who-dom and really is a ...
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Doctor Who

IDW Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

I'm a long-time fan of Doctor Who, having grown up watching it as a kid (with Peter Davison being my first Doctor) and loving the revamped series ...
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Doctor Who, Prisoners of Time, Issue 2

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #2 (of 12) from IDW

Doctor Who has experienced a surge of popularity of late.   In the US, there are many new fans of the show. Many are just finding out how deep ...
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Prisoners of Time - William Hartnell

Review: Doctor Who – Prisoners of Time #1 has made mention a few times of what this year is: the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Doctor Who. One of the longest running shows ...
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April 2013 Solicitations: IDW

Alright, let's jump into some of our selections from the April 2013 Solicitations from the fine folks at IDW Publishing beginning with the good ...
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